SC button (log) and Show Me Me auto refresh


Bless your heart, but I do think you've got me confused with another player. I do not now, nor have I ever used the one-click complete method as you are describing. If I mark a cube complete it is because I have, in fact, checked that cube and found it to be complete (this is actually a very large reason I miss the ability to complete while in cube coughdevs). I am not sure why it is you think so little of me, but I can assure you that I do my best to play this game with integrity. I do not mark whole branches complete, but instead either go cube by cube or mark small sections after i've looked over them.


Just to clarify the earlier response in support of Kfay's point about how to fairly check branches: that doesn't necessarily mean he is accurately characterizing fellow Scythes' completion strategies. Please also bear in mind that because the 5k bonus is explicitly a beta feature, HQ reserves the right to roll it back or make any changes needed to optimize its function; at the same time, we strongly encourage all Scythes to view this beta feature as simply a means to make a few extra points and help contribute to an important task on Eyewire. If we see anyone taking advantage or obviously shutting others out of their bonus opportunities, we'll proceed accordingly. The GMs are locking this thread and will be in further touch with players one-on-one.