New script to allow some inspect panel shortcuts while inspecting cubes, as well as showing cube information while inspecting

Hello! This is a new script I just created to make the standard “c+c” shortcut for completing a cube work while inspecting a cube. Available only for scythes and up, of course.

EDIT: After some updates, more shortcuts are now available, alongside information about the cube that is currently being inspected. See comments for more info.

Installation and download:


Installed it, it’s working so far, I’m in love. :two_hearts: Thank you!

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I updated the script to allow the following shortcuts while inspecting a cube:

  • u+u for uncompleting a cube (this will also remove all other complete votes due to an EyeWire bug)
  • f+f for freezing a cube, or unfreezing it if it is already frozen
  • v+v for custom highlighting a cube (from KK’s custom highlighting script)
  • b+b for custom unhighlighting a cube (from KK’s custom highlighting script)

might be a good idea to add some cube details visible in inspect if you are going to do the sc from inside cube for instance
who have sc it
is it reaped

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All right, I updated the script. The information about a cube that is viewable in the inspect panel is now also viewable while inspecting a cube:


The inspect panel info update is so good, I would use it even if I wasn’t using the ‘complete from within cell’ part of this script. I love having that info while I’m in cube. Thank you!

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@bl4ckscor3 An idea for a script:

Add to the 2D Canvas a CSS property called filter to allow modifying brightness, contrast and saturation. Add some UI (maybe with sliders) to set it easily. Maybe a button on the right side (visible while playing/inspecting under the regular buttons) displaying a popup with the settings. Maybe separate settings for E2198 and ZFish.

When I was playing with the idea via the Console, I found out, that setting contrast to about 130% and saturation to about 0.8 looked quite good in E2198 on various monitor settings. YMMV.

I would do it myself, but I’m not in the mood (to say the least) for programming for now and I don’t know, when I would be able to do it.

Sounds good, I may take a look at that if I can find the time.

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