Many Cell'ed Overview screenshots


Hello all,

So, I’ve always wanted to see pictures/screenshots of neural networks as we complete cells. For example, after a/each sector is finished to have a pic of all the cells traced in there in one overview pic. Unfortunately (and can’t blame them for it) admins don’t do it b/c it’s a lot of time/work lol.

So with the command /add-cell Imma gonna try grab some such pictures, Much older cells like Ganglion (Mystery cells) and Starbursts (SAC) don’t have a meshed overview anymore but I’ll try and find some, and I’m hoping sectors 1-5 of Dig are still meshed. EDIT: sectors 1, 2 and 3 are not meshed, but 4 onwards seem to be.

They should be (screenshots) HD enough for anyone who wants to use them as backgrounds. :slight_smile:

If you have specific Cell combination(s) you would like to see ask and if I find meshed cells to fit the request I shall screenshot it :slight_smile:
(you can also do /add-cell on you own if you want (should work for scouts/scythes/mystics dunno if it’ll work for non promoted ppl))
p.s. tthe more cells you add the heavier the ew tab will get, depending on your system it may “oh snap” at any amount of cells, if you see it getting heavier (more difficult to pan/zoom etc) /silence chat, it helps but eventually even with that the tab will go out of memory and crash. :slight_smile:

So, here we go:


Sector 8 cells (3 of them (july marathon +2)) with ganglion, Starburst and Bipolar cells:
(click a pic for full res.)

Cell IDs: 89, 303, 77546, 77548, 77547, 77543, 11


Sector 4:


Sec 4 “horizontal cell” with “vertical ones” as per @susi 's request in ew chat :slight_smile:


magnificent !!


gorgeous pics - thanks for doing!


Bipolarfield 7.110a (C77541) and old Starburst-Cell 300 (C41)

I’m interested in synapses, but looks like these bipolars just pass the starburst-plane and dendrite in other plane. Perhaps some synapses in one of the bipolars ?


there are ON SACs and OFF SACS, I do not know if this SB is on or off but perhaps SBs that are on/off synapse with bps and the other “kind” does not? It’d be interesting to know lol. Nice pics btw :slight_smile:


just as there are bipolar cells ON and OFF also don’t know if BPs on/off synapse with SBs on/off or if it’s a free for all (SBs on/off synapsing with both BPs on/off lol).


also, there may be other bps either traced by HQ or in other sectors or not yet traced which may synapse with this SB cell lol.


Lol, yeah, that’s what i am interested in. Probably should read current publications…


Just added Artefact 8.41 (77475) to above Starburst (41) and bipolarfield (77541)

Not for synapses, just for fun and looking how the cells we play look like and where they are positionned

and combination of bipolarfield 77541 green
with Starburst 41 blue and
relic 8.45 (77481) red


How did you guys made picture like that?


/add-cell add as many cell ids as you want, but be warned the more you add the heavier overview will become until tab crashes. :slight_smile:

you can find cell ids in /debug.


Wow!! So many cells!


ok so here’s a side by side of the dataset image from “the dig” starting blog post showing the sectors and a mnay-cell’ed image containing 1 cell per sector (around middle/end of each sector) and the newest artifact 10.0 which M said she didn’t know sector it really belongs to lol, from the image I’d have to say it’s either on sector 14/15 or from the area of the dataset outside the sectors we’re not going to map. lol

I arranged overview so that each cell in it “falls” in the corresponding area in dataset pic.

oh and sector 1-3 cells are not meshed so “cubes”. lol


That’s great. Shows, that cells aren’t that far from each other as one might think doing one cell at a time.
Also, when I have started playing, I thought, that each cell (soma, axon and dendrites) ends inside its sector, while this picture clearly shows, that it’s not true (especially 10.1, lol).


yeah it does give some perspective, lol. When I started I thought that each cell had it’s own dataset, took me a while to realise that all cells were in the same dataset lol


I think the only cells that start and end within their own sectors are vertical cells like bps and the other type that goes vertical with cb and huge boutons that admins sometimes ask us to reap cb nubs on before release lol.


Here’s some zfish overviews: