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Iguana serpent


Congrats @r3 for this epic achievement!!


and for @Manni_Mammut we are singing in the rain :slight_smile:


A bit late for Halloween, but really that worth it ! :wink:


with best wishes @GFani !



Wow, this is very pretty, hsf! Nicely done!

I know you said in chat that this is a portal to a new world (and I really like the magic dust and glow!), but I also like to think of it as a cluster of asteroids, perhaps the remnants of a planet that our recently-named Death Star cell has blown up. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just thinking about it, maybe it is primordial goop materializing into a new cube. It’s like a nebula to me, but your explanation of asteroids makes more sense. It’ll always remain a wonder.


Mannn … i always thinked the brain look like (really) the universe by so many things !
I here just woooow ! That’s a Total Recall ! :grin:


Another nice autapse !


CB-merger in Relic 13.23


possible names for 13.11:
large rainbow streamer
Enchanted rainbow forest dome
opalescent in the rough


art - floating cube


yeah ! this cell is amazing ! True Natural Art ! :heart_eyes:

Another contribution is :

Love this bridge-Autapse !


At first, I was like, ‘what did I just see?’ lol, as I really haven’t seen that happen in EW before - nice find. Then I was thinking: ‘You take the high road, I’ll take the low’…reminds me of that song.


congrats @damocles357 for 5 million points!!!


Love this! Thanks for the smile!


I actually hit my head on a wall when I first saw this



agree :slight_smile:
should be forbidden during HH :slight_smile: