Gallery of amusements


And the neuron says raaaaaawr!


That looks like a computer hacking tree. It even infiltrated EW now!


Congrats @Nik !!
What a record !!
Wish you all the best !!


Woah, I remembered when Nik was at 60M points from like a year ago lol



Neuron Jungle


office cubicles, eyewire style


sandy dunes on beach, rocky shore, with ocean water




wow new milestone !


Für @Gruenewitwe
Mit den besten Wünschen


Spooky skull.


Haha best for HALLOWEEEEEN


Really thank you @susi ! you’re the best as always !
a big hi to you


big hi back, you look awesome with that glasses…


Two branches Super Autapse here in cyan !


This looks similar to dreams I have. I usually walk on them as they keep growing :slight_smile:


lol, have no pic, but in my dreams i see 2D and scroll through it, and add… All in color :slight_smile:


So basically everyone has the Tetris effect lol


um, yah! Adding new stuff is like rows added on tetris. The attention to detail is quite similar. Plus, it’s a long-term game too, not unlike the tetris marathons. People dream of EW, like they dream of tetris. So yes, there is quite the carry- and crossover.