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@flamingomarty oh that’s a shame, that looks like it’s correct!  So either everyone else who did that piece was wrong, or there was a glitch!

@sneakybaron, wow, that is an AWESOME find.
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      The Precioussss     

I hit “start over” on this one, thinking it would reset to the beginning, because I thought I had some mistakes in there, and wanted to start over,  but it took me to a whole different cube.  But this image cracked me up!  

Edit:  and apparently I don’t know how to work with “Screen Grab” yet…  
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Thumbs Up!

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Anyone been to Arches National Park in Utah USA?

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Eyewire made the mistake of encouraging their minions to create memes. . .

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Some like it hot!!

I hired a private eye to follow our amacrine cell… 

The picture speaks by itself… :stuck_out_tongue:

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This one looks like a whale on a stick

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It's moby dick!!
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Has anyone seen my upper half?

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Q-Tip anyone?

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Let’s cheer today!!

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And towards our neuron alphabet…

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So I start working on a new segment and I get this …

Why thank you! I see my work is appreciated.
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C is for connectome :slight_smile:

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towards the eyalphabet

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OMG guys I just now looked at this question~! Amazing images – I will start posting thse on FB soon

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frabuleuse  We should make an entire neuron alphabet!  

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Craziest before and after I’ve ever had!   

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