Eyewire the Movie


What are some ideas as to how Eyewire could be turned into a movie? Dragonturtle gave one, where it’s like Tron when a person goes into Eyewire. My idea is that an AI watches everyone play in real time and learns to become a supercomputer beyond most ones these days. What’s your idea?


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May the AI be with you.


May the ‘for science’ be with you! too


People can be playing the game on the computer and then be sucked in, Jumanji style, into the world of Eyewire, where that have to dodge large neurons swinging at them (like vines) and marvel at new ones getting made. Maybe they can see people on their computers trying to play the game, but only behind a screen, because they’re in the game.


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I love it and would totally watch it! Sounds like a documentary, but I could see it as an action film too (especially the societal benefits part). Maybe both?!


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I know this is completely unrelated, but I just can’t stop noticing XD


sounds like a fun film to watch @tr77


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Yes! Like that Mars show on National Geographic (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/mars/). Also, can’t go wrong with adding some science in there too :slight_smile:. Like maybe they google scholar search some Eyewire scholarly articles and the people from the Seung Lab or users look and read them until they get to something interesting, and they say, “see this? This does enter scientific explanation here. This is why we did what we did!”, kind of NASA documentary style.


I love how it became a thing. Kind of something interesting to see when the webpage load and it pops up there :slight_smile:


And do not forget the new computer that works like a brain


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Like if we put the brain that EW recreated in a computer and got it to run like a neural network and we see it advances computing 10 fold?


TR77: “after watching it again (tron) i really, really, really want to ride a light cycle up and down the branches of neurons in ew”


Attack of the Killer Neurons (instead of attack of the killer tomatoes)


Maybe, feeding off the tron idea, there’s an arena (a real Eyewire Cup), where people build neuron branches to get to the cup. Some people just work on small sections, while the dragons, with their EW powers, build larger branches. Each branch is like a step that people would step on to reach the top (some people get to dead ends, but if a neuron is complete, they could start working on the next one). But the cliffhanger is that the ending’s unknown as to who wins, especially when people form teams and start in different places.