Eyewire the Movie


Here’s a really wild movie idea that I bet can legit be turned into a movie. Beginning scene: 20 years into the future, an EW parent tries to show their child the website, but can’t work on it, because the website says the project is complete. Present-day scene: turns out Seung Lab looks at and uses the data it’s compiled for presenting at a Brain Initiative-like conference. The Brain Initiative, now obsolete because the connectome is better understood, turns into the ‘Brain Collective’. There, some previously-unknown scientist-business group shows up and says they’ve used the data to build an AI that constantly learns from the internet, even while they speak, and hope to use it for space. The government and everyone agrees and do that. Then it turns goes 2001 Space Odyssey style with AI becoming HAL (except only the AI is in space, not ppl). So the Seung Lab people are like, if they can build an AI, so can we. So they build an AI to counteract the HAL-like AI and wins. End scene: People are seen venturing into space with the Seung Lab AI, as well as it built into medical, scientific, and business applications on Earth. The end.