EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Do not have any glitch like this, with Eyewire DLC and Eyewire statistics enable.


Yeah it's gone now, but was having it all night yday and up until 2-3 hrs ago. Disable stats zfish ok (after rfr) enable it prob (after rfr) lol

anyways it's gone now :slight_smile:


crazy cube!


ver. 1.5

second attempt to FIX not zooming and panning of the map in the Stats
ADDED turning on/off the Accuracy Bars (because EW should have it built it soon)
FIXED "Check" button in SC List
CHANGED limit for SC List entries from last 7 days to last 30 days
ADDED filterning by period (last 24h, last 7 days, last 30 days) and by dataset (mouse, zebrafish, both) to SC List
ADDED button to remove an entry from the SC List (SCing/unSCing a cell in a removed cell readds that cell to the list)
ADDED list of Custom Highlighted cells (to display the list, click the H button in the InspectorPanel (yes, the H button which is at the beginning of the panel, for normal highlighting parents and children)). The list is filterable in almost the same way, as SC List (additionally, Custom Highlights has also an option to display all entries, not limited to last 30 days)
RESOLVED a CSS conflict with @crazyman4865's script (we are both using the same color picker, but with different CSS settings)


Ahhh it's my minute ^^ Always like to read new versions :stuck_out_tongue: Will try that ! Thannnnk youuuu


in the sc listed the tab for mouse retina and zfish do not get any new cells, have only two cells each there and all of them has last update before 4/11 and my list in the both tab have many newer cells


Same as @annkri


@annkri, @Kfay thanks for the reports and sorry for the bug.
Indeed, there was a small error, where I've used snake_case instead of camelCase (dataset_id instead of datasetId) and every info about SCed cells was collected, but the datasetId (=1 for E2198, =11 for ZFish) wasn't. Hence, the Both category, which doesn't do any filtering by the id, was showing all the cells, but the other categories were only showing cells from before the then last version (1.5).
Now everything should work ok and the ids for the cells from before 1.5 and 1.5.1 are also collected retroactively, so the already SCed cells should be now shown like they should.

ver. 1.5.1
FIXED SC List not showing cells SCed after updating the script to ver. 1.5, when filtration by database was used


Thanks a lot for this update !
Also, thank you again for your efforts maintaining this awesome script updated and adding new feature, it's Really appreciated :slight_smile:
And just as i would like to say, you can say thank for the report, but never say sorry man, cause without your work we could not enjoy EW as we do now :wink:


You're Welcome!
I said "sorry", because it was a silly mistake, I've made and didn't even test it. I'll try to be more careful in the future :wink:


Hi all!

I've been working recently on some additional individual stats. So far, I've set up a server and a cron job, which collects number of points and number of cubes per user each day at 23:59 EST/EDT (well, actually, today it should collect the first batch of the data, because yesterday I've got it wrong - I've set the time of the job to +3 hours compared to to the server I'm currently using (which is PST/PDT), but it should've been -3).
For now, it collects only cubes and points, because that's the only data easily obtainable from the EW server. I didn't want to make a heavy number of server calls and that seemed to be the only way, to collect tbs, reaps and scs. However, I thought, that the data could be collected locally and send to my server only at the next day (or next time, somebody turns on the EW page).

Before I thought about local collecting the other data, I came up with interface as below:

I've also changed the achievements tab a little bit:

And, because of the enlarged profile panel, here's how the last tab would look like:

And here's the problem and the reason, I'm writing this post: As you might see, there are only columns for cubes and points in both new tables. If I had to add tbs, reaps and scs for both tables, I kinda run out of space. So here's my question: how would you like to set up the interface and which elements should be there (and where)? Should I enlarge the panel even more or maybe add a new tab (not sure, if that's possible, though) or maybe make the letters and number smaller, remove the graphs, or maybe something completely different. I'm open for any suggestions :slight_smile: Btw. those two bar graphs in the mock-up are supposed to be for cubes and points in the last 7 days. If you want some other charts, I'm currently already using the Chart.js library for the global Stats (those available at the Stats menu) http://www.chartjs.org/docs/latest/charts/ - here are other possibilities using this same library. But, if you want something, that isn't possible in it, I can probably add some other library or create it on my own :smiley:


Nice!!!!! What if to include everything you don't make a fixed portion below the other stats, but rather when i click on a stat from above, it changes the stats below? So if I click on points it shows me below the stats for points, if I click on reaps etc and maybe have the ability to select up to 2 concurrent stats to display, so if i want to display pts and reaps or completes and cubes i select those two and those two appear?


i love this, i also like nik´s suggestions about clickable points etc. another option would be to have a scrollbar where you could have profile like it is know and records and chart for points (and cubes if it is place) visible and yesterday, last week, last month score (other charts if any) if you drag the scrollbar down. Hope the scrollbar will still be on achivements tab if you have more than 9. if you want other charts, things like a Doughnut or Pie diagram could work to show how many cubes you have played, scyhted, completed each day with one small diagram for each day perhaps a digram like this,

to make it easier to read you could add something making it bigger if you hover over it


I do have more than 9 achievements, lol. Those are just types of achievements, but yes, if there will be more than 9 types of achievements, the scroll bar will be visible (it's set on auto).
I really didn't think about any clickable or scrollable solutions, that might be it. Thanks for suggestions :slight_smile:

Also, I have to add, that the records, unfortunately, won't be for all the time, you've been playing for, because I simply don't have any way to obtain that data. So, the records would be something like: most points gathered in a single day since 2017-11-11 xD And for scs, reaps and tbs the date will be even further in the future (I didn't implement it yet). I suggest to treat it as another way to compete with yourself. We'll all start with a clean counter and will have new abilities to beat ourselves :smiley:


Yeah scroll can work as well, what if a combo of the two ideas is the best course? I mean if 1 stat is selected ("my" idea) no scroll, two stats it shows like KK's image, with 3+ it starts to scroll up/down or left/right? Dunno 1/2 should look good ("ann's" idea), lol.


@kk is it possible to make a field in the sc list where you can write in a cell nr or name and remove every cell older than that for that dataset (for mouse retina)? or any zfish cell where you have sc less than xxx cubes.


Sure, both things should be doable, thanks for the suggestions.
I think, I'll do them that way, that you'll be able to maybe right-click on the Remove button and select "Remove older than this". If you'll be in the Mouse tab, only retina cubes will be deleted, if in zfish, then those, if in Both, then all cells older than the selected cell will be removed.
Analogically for cells with less then xxx cubes. Here I might add two possibilies - one could be a second option under right-clicking on the Remove button which will allow you to remove all cells (in selected tab) with less cubes than the current one. The other way will be that there'll be a field and a button to enter the threshold number of cubes. All cells (in the selected tab) below the threshold will be removed. The selected time range won't affect the deletion.
So, when right-clicking on the Remove button, there will be a context menu showing two options "Remove cells older than this one" and "Remove cells with less SCs than this one" and additionally, an input field and a button to remove cells basing on a threshold, without looking for any cell with number of SCs close to the number we're looking for.


Was wondering can you make reap colour(s) take colour from scythe vision colours? Both in yours and HQ's versions of the activity tracker, please?



assuming for whatever reason HQ does not give us option in gear cog (or in any way) to select if click in their version of activity tracker goes to ov or in cube (directly), and someone wants to use their tracker but have that option, is that something you can do? Give an option in gear cog to send left/right click in activity tracker to ov or (default) in cube?



For both questions: I'll try. Can't promise anything, but both things (reap colors and jump target selection) seem possible.