EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


i'd be hesitant about using c as an alternative for escape. I'm still hoping to get the ability to complete while in a cube in inspect mode back, and that would be c+c.


Yeah, I forgot about the possible ability of in-cube complete.
I'll try V for escaping then (ofc, the good old Esc will also work), so it'll be V+V+V to exit and highlight cube, lol.


I like the new icons and think they are a lot more intuitive for new scouts than the ones we have now, and do not really think it will make a great differanse for the experienced players. like you said log it usually autoenabled and i guess most of the regular crew use shift to get the tool box.

As for changing esc to c or v i am afraid it could be easy to press down those buttons by mistake (reason why i am not usually using spacebar to submit) so would have to be optional. but if you want all buttons in same area what button are you using to enter cube since enter and i+i are on the other side of keyboard.


I agree, that it would have to be only as an option. Actually, I first have to solve the problem, that when I'm in cube and press V, then inspect another cube and press V again, it automatically custom highlight the other cube, even though the code should prevent it.
Unfortunately, for entering a cube, I'm using mouse to click on the I button in the Inspector Panel, lol.
I think, I will have to think about all those shortcuts/hotkeys a little bit more, before publicing anything.


while you are at it I would also like a shortcut to shift between the different custom highlight and perhaps a small number on the highlight button or current highlight colour on the button to show which highlight you are currently using


Both good ideas. Which shortcut would you like for switching between the colors?


what about H for highlight do not think that is in use? or R if you want to have everything in the same area


"H" Sounds great. I'll add it (with an indicator to show, which color is currently in use) soon.

As for now, I've decided to use "G" for both going in and out of cube. So, when you're in overview, you can press G to enter a cube (if any cube is selected) and if you're in inspect or game mode, use G to go back to overview. The option is turned off by default.
Update Utilities to version 1.5 to have this option available. (TM scripts users only)

Please test it and let me know, what do you think about it.

I don't know how to English, so the option's name is how it is, lol.


silly question, but you do know "enter" inspects a cube? (i do use mouse as well sometimes lol but sometimes enter helps lol)


I do know about Enter for inspecting a cube, but it's far too far for me to use it, lol. Now I can have my left hand in the same place and use G for inspecting and exiting a cube without changes, V+V for highlighting, C+C for completing and Space for submitting - everything in one place :slight_smile:


ah lol, there's that, lol.


For me Accuracy history do not work anymore, it's always at "no data" and even if i reap/play anything, no accubar spawn.
I tried with tampermonkey, addin it in EW addon. Only official works now for me.


did you try disabling ew's addon and then refreshing, enabling in tm and then refreshing again? works for me like that.


@Kfay don't know, why it doesn't show any data for you. For me, everything works fine. Hope, that what @Nseraf said, worked for you.


SC History 1.0.4
ADDED a tooltip to the profile button, so when hovering over it, it shows info, that you have to right click on it to display SC History.

Utilities 1.5.2
ADDED a tooltip to the wireframe button in the top right.
CHANGED the cursor from the arrow to the pointer, so it now looks the same as on the other buttons

Custom Highlight 1.2
ADDED a shortcut (letter T - others around were already taken) to switch between colors. The direction is: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1...
ADDED an indicator showing, which color is currently in use. The indicator is visible in the bottom right corner of the V button in the Inspector Panel. The number represents the current color. The color of the number shows the color of the current selection.

Here's an example:

As you might see, there's a small green number 2 in the bottom right corner of the V button. Also in the Settings menu it is visible, that the second, green color is my current custom highlight color.
If I'd pressed the letter T on the keyboard, the indicator would change to blue 3 and also the radio button in the Settings menu would switch.
Next press of the letter T would change the indicator to orange 1, etc.

Profile History 1.0.3
FIXED last month, when last 12 months is selected, not being displayed


nice! tyvm!

x2 -possible- bugs:

  1. right click name sc history cubes I think include also stashed cubes which it shouldn't as stashed cubes don't count lol.
  2. started using your version of accuracy tracker again, and sometimes if i have 2 tabs of ew concurrently open the 2nd one does weird things in colours. like in here https://imgur.com/a/VlU99 all these whites are reaps, they should all be orange instead of white, lol.


As for the first point - number of votes is updated whenever you SC or unSC a cube in a given cell. The data is taken directly from the EW server, so I don't think, this is the source of the problem. I suppose, the mismatch happens, when you have SCed a number of cubes and after that, some of those cubes were stashed. The number in the SC History will still show the value, it was set after your last SCing/unSCing in that cell. Even though, some of the cubes don't exist in that cell anymore.
Otherwise the script would have to periodically refresh number of SCes for each of the cells from the list (large number of generally unnecessary requests).
If you want to have accurate number on the list, just unSC and then SC a cube in that cell.
I will probably add a refresh button in each row, so you will be able to update the number of votes for any cell.

As for the second one - I didn't expierience that, but I rarely use two cards. Will take a look at it and if I will be able to reproduce it, I'll try to fix it.


thank you :slight_smile:


I was wondering, if there could be an option/button to "de-sync" the in-cube rotation from also rotating overview. I have found myself wishing thaat ability a lot since 2013 when I became a scout and I would inspect cubes (then to flag now to reap) rotate cube in inspect then I'd go back to overview and that would also be rotated which would/could/can confuse me (maybe others as well?) as I may have had overview in a specific angle/rotation best displaying the branch I'm looking/checking and then after inspect cell's all "wrong" and I have to re-orient myself in it, bring it back to the angle I had it before inspect. (and this ofc has to be done after every and each inspect).

So, I think it'd help me even now (and perhaps others as well) if I could have an option which when clicked/selected I then rotate in-cube but overview angle/rotation is not affected, thus when I return to overview after inspect (with or without having reaped the cube) I don't have to re-search the angle I had before, might make things faster and perhaps less confusing (especially for new scouts/scythes). I think in zfish especially where even the "oldest" mystics don't yet fully know cell types this could be of real help.

ty in advance! :smiley:


Added to my (longer and longer) TODO List :smiley:


wooooo ty! :smiley: