Digging into the Dig, the eyewire Cell Registry


btw what is that KK’s workshop?


sorry, I haven’t been updating mine for a while. I’ve been busy working on EW’s cubes. I updated it. Not sure where to go from here with it.


In the Workshop I still would have to update the list manually, but since probably no one uses it, I didn’t do any updates since the release of the addon, so updating the Registry would still be useful.

Also, it would be cool, if there was a chart showing number of completed cells in each day/month/year.


Here is the charts you asked for https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DDdHhISsT-pRURIiqZkTs65K6o7ELQ1KZmbWksmEcIk/edit#gid=1907690611

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We were talking about automating it at some point. Idk if people are going to keep manually adding onto it forever. Should we talk plans on the automating?


Nice. I think it’s missing just one chart: the total line graph, maybe by month. I added it in.