Digging into the Dig, the eyewire Cell Registry


btw what is that KK’s workshop?


sorry, I haven’t been updating mine for a while. I’ve been busy working on EW’s cubes. I updated it. Not sure where to go from here with it.


In the Workshop I still would have to update the list manually, but since probably no one uses it, I didn’t do any updates since the release of the addon, so updating the Registry would still be useful.

Also, it would be cool, if there was a chart showing number of completed cells in each day/month/year.


Here is the charts you asked for https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DDdHhISsT-pRURIiqZkTs65K6o7ELQ1KZmbWksmEcIk/edit#gid=1907690611

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We were talking about automating it at some point. Idk if people are going to keep manually adding onto it forever. Should we talk plans on the automating?


Nice. I think it’s missing just one chart: the total line graph, maybe by month. I added it in.


Updated the cell registry and hopefully automated the carts so they will update every time the registry get updated. in the years eyewire have existed 9912 cell ids have been created. only 88 cells to be created before we reach 10 000, who would have thought that when it started?

Because not all cells have been decleared completed for different reasons only 6636 cells are completed so far.