Digging into the Dig, the eyewire Cell Registry


So…this is something I’ve been doing for a while now (mid august or so).

The idea sort of came to me after a new bug appeared in the new dataset of zebrafish (mystic/princeton) that caused wild mergers to appear in that dataset out of seemingly thin air causing the spawner to become slow at times (and at times mergers so huge they ended up crashing the spawner and/or the game lol) and I realised I/we were “blind”.

In searching for mergers when spawner would go slow and it was not during hours/days (weekends, early hours of EU time when HQ is zzzz’ying etc) when admins would not be available easily to help, I realised I was searching blind, I did not know which Cell IDs contained Zfish cells and which “normal ew” cells and where to look so…I created the registry and now I/we know what all cells are.

As non-promoted/scouts/scythes you won’t be able to jump to Cell ID, that’s something mystics and/or admins can, but you can gain a measure of what has been done before (you registered), of the work that has been done so far.

As mystics you can jump to every cell id I don’t have it down as “No Cell/No Access”, so use your common sense lol, if something has “No touch” it’s quite obvious what I mean lol.

The Cell Registry is easy to understand I think, Cell name | Cell ID | Meshed | Cell Size | and various comments columns containing blog posts, and various comments to help create a timeline/history book of sorts, eyewire’s history book.

I want to thank @crazyman4865 who without his script (tabbed chat) I would not be able to have done this. and @JousterL @susi @KrzysztofKruk for the help in cataloguing cells. It’d have taken me weeks more without your help. :smiley:

@sorek.m I remmeber you saying in mystics (or was it scouts?) channel that you did not have all the zfish cell ids? well now you do :smiley: and in the comments and cell size I have marked which zfish cells have seg grenade probs and if they are frozen (or not). hopefully this helps you save time. :slight_smile:

If any of you have any suggestions as to what more information you’d like to see in the Registry please do mention it here (or in chat) Can’t promise it’ll be done, but it will be discussed. :slight_smile:

I will every so often continue to update it with whatever cells have been completed by that time.




oh my word! what amazing work!


Woo-hoo! Nice to see the complete list!
Maybe for the ones that we have meshed, we can include a small screenshot of the OV. :smiley:


lol i thought of it, but i think it’ll make it too heavy and pretty much all the cells that have been completed in ew have pics in fb ew page so I thought against it, but if others want…we can think of it :slight_smile:


Ok, so now it’s up to the latest active cells, from now on i’ll be updating The Registry every two months or so after every major weekly competition, so as to not directly give away any event cells pre-active (evil cubes, hunts, marathons etc and so on).

So after every comp is finished I’ll be updating (this also more or less coincides with sectors, ie it takes us more or less 2-3 months to finish a sector in The Dig.) it


Very cool!


thank you :slight_smile:


Wow! soooooo cool!:grinning:


Updated Cell Registry sheet, now it has all cells/info/stats up to today, when this post is made.

And @annkri has made a new tab in the sheet with interesting/fun charts etc :slight_smile: ty

And with the seg gren prob fixed in zfish cells they should now be more accurate in the cell size/cubes # :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nseraf! Cool!


Updated the Cell Registry.


Updated the Cell Registry. 27/2/2018.


charts also updated


Thanks for the updates guys!


Umm, I think I found error, Relic 10.63 is cell id 79597, but in the cell registry, it is 79595.
Is it error or…?


all fixed :slight_smile:


Ooh great! I am glad I found out!


3/23 12:46 pm
Up to date by me!


Alright! Updated again! (It seems like I’m only doing this job. . .)


Nothing is updated if I don’t update it lol :stuck_out_tongue: (in terms of new cells/cube counts, cell descriptions and so on lol)

But thanks for the work you’re putting in maintaining it :slight_smile:

speaking of which I’ll update it when i get back home.