Digging into the Dig, the eyewire Cell Registry


OOh that’s why it hasn’t been updated for while… heheh :dizzy_face:


updated it.


A really hard and long work ! Congrats and thanks to all contributors :slight_smile:

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New link to the EW Registry, old link won’t work anymore, reshared it to the ppl who had it before.


Updated it.


my diagrams are also updated

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updated it.


Updated it, also re-updated some previous cells from 76k-79k range i found some mistakes in.


why do some cells have 0 or 1 for a cell size? Are there 0 to 1 cubes in it? How do those work?


You’re probably referring to zfish dupe cells. Ashwin grabs cells from synapses instead of CBs like in ew, so if he creates 60 “cells” some may end up being boutons/synapses of the cell overall cell, so they are frozen and remain at 0 or 1.

That or there are nontraced cells in ew yet which might have 1 cubes in yet.

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I won’t be updating this anymore, if anyone wants to pick up the “job” I’ve allowed editing for anyone with the link, my suggestions are these:

use this kk’s script to quickly gather cells info: https://gist.github.com/ChrisRaven/81ac0ecde8cde97fc970bf4d1c8e1b7a/raw/599d5a2ae3ba5793d4a482e69254fbf6bd2c847f/eyewiredigger.user.js

(tampermonkey required)

you’ll haVe to enable/disable it when you’re not using it/want to use it, otherwise it goes on top of start playing button etc.

you should see 2 white fields, input starting cell id there for example 1000 and below the ending one for example 1010

and press start, now the script will find all information about those # cells.

copy paste them all in a new tab in the dig sheet, bc they wont be in the same format as the rest, then after you’ve cleared format on them and applied calibri font 13 size copy paste them in the appropriate fields/columns, the tags etc I don’t copy paste but if you want I can not and will not longer stop you.

When you’re done copy pasting etc from ew and to other sheets, delete the new tab.

So far I’ve more or less done perm. tabs for every 10k cells so from 0 to 2k, 2k to 75k are some princeton tests so i isolated them there, and then 75k-79k, then 80-89k, if and whoever is updating this if ew ever reaches 90k cells i’d suggest creating a new 90-99k tab (the numericals are cell ids, each cell has a unique increasing by +1 cell id, don’t confuse them with cube ids, 1 cell has many cubes (ids) but only one cell id).

I hope if anyone picks up this they give it the care it deserves, if not, oh well. :slight_smile:


Did you delete the archive? The link up top says it was deleted.


this is the new link.


well you did a great job. I can’t pick up the job as my computer can barely handle the website let alone any extension on top of that (which is why I deleted the tampermonkey). I really hope someone else does pick it up, it helps me at least.


I have taken the liberty of updating this spreadsheet from 81050 through to 81379, about from where N left off with Bipolar Fields that hadn’t yet been split into individual cells to nearish* to some of the older cells in Sector 13 that haven’t been finished. There’s some formatting things that I haven’t gotten around to maintaining, but this is an important resource and I’m going to maintain it at least until the end of The Dig.

*cells aren’t 100% chronological by cell IDs


I created an additional registry to compensate for my inadequacies in maintaining the original: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DDdHhISsT-pRURIiqZkTs65K6o7ELQ1KZmbWksmEcIk/edit?usp=sharing


The way you have this one set up may be more useful with completion dates. I have a few remarks as to changes I’d consider regarding formatting, but I think I’d rather be using this than N’s.


Since no one is updating it for over 3 months, I might do the updating thingy

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I’m not sure if it’s necessary with KK’s workshop now? But I honestly don’t know


The chart is not being updated for 3 months… Probs I would tweak the chart to my taste though I cannot find the completion date