All Scythes please read: new official policy about reapgrowing & Scythe Complete


That is what I'm saying more or less, lol. I do wind up reaping all of the cubes on a branch, but I keep the end growing as much as I can, as it saves time.

Thanks for answering!


b) "must we finish a whole branch after starting it?"
Yes, please. Because we have insufficient tools right now for showing where people are, and because the communication methods we have are also limited, reapgrowing/SCing will currently work best if everyone can generally trust that when a person says they're starting work on a given branch, they'll be there for a bit.

k) "can anyone claim multiple branches at a time?"
Well... yes and no. I mean, "branches" is a loose concept because one branch will usually split into several more before it nubs, depending on the cell's morphology. So if you claim one branch you are implicitly claiming its child branches. At the same time, please do not claim simultaneous multiple branches in the sense of branches that all originate at the CB.

from this i take it that you should not start reapgrowing unless you have at least 4-5 hours to play to be able to finish several hundred cubes so you will be able to finish the branch, personally i prefer to just scroll at the chatlog and see if the earlier reaper of a branch have been active reaping for the last timeperiod and if not i have felt free to take over that branch in the past.

and good with the clarification that we do not need to reap every cube on a branch.


i dont think anyone...well almost anyone has that much time per time lol so if you declare a branch and no one says "im there" for like 10 mins go for it imho lol reap as much as you can/want and then stop. i think declaring in chat "ive stopped reaping in ####, anyone who wants can continue it" will let other scythes know you are no longer claiming that branch. :slight_smile: imho

, and i do think that a cell is not complete if it has low wt cubes even if they are corners :stuck_out_tongue: but that's me lol so i do try to always make sure there's none before/after admins declare it lol, in forts it's easy lol to reap everything. lol


That makes sense to me! That spawner can be slow! What confuses me is when I click on multiple branches and they are being reaped by the same person - not sure where to jump in and don't want to step on toes! Reap on!


imho if someone has grabbed more than say, 2 branches (as per atani example) , say for example 3, 4 or 5 or more branches he is being greedy, self-centered, selfish and arrogant and even if i am only a scythe imho i'd say it'd be well within your rights to ask if you can grab one :slight_smile:


Hi hi!
I am a bit late to this post, but I have a quick question: As a scout, if I ever find a mistake in a fort and need to flag it, do I also mention which cube I am flagging in chat? And is there anything else in this policy that would affect scouts? Because if so, I would like to know :upside_down:


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Not trying to belabour the point, but want to be absolutely clear. Are we still saying that if/when i use this method in a fort, that branch is still "mine" and the in between cubes are still mine to reap if I so choose until I announce I'm done?


@peridot if you flag a cube you should always add a entry in the scoutslog, if it is a error that need to be fixed fast, like a growing merger branch, you should tell in chat like for a normal cell, you could send a pm to the scythe that have reaped that cube if it is a big mistake out of courtesy so that scythe are not missing accuracy over it.
what is discussed in this post should not have any effect on scouts, unless you want to read it for when you become scythe.


@annkri @Nseraf Indeed, people don't necessarily have 4-5 hours to devote to playing a single branch. The point about staying on it till it finishes is essentially that admins would like Scythes to stick with one branch and its descendant branches for as long as they are around. If you do not have time to grow something till it's completely nubbed out, that's fine, but if you intend to spend 1 hour on a Fort please focus on the first branch you choose rather than bouncing around to other branches. Then, as Nik says, you can declare the fact that you're done reapgrowing your branch when you leave. Is that clearer?

@Atani Yes, if you choose to use that method, the branch is still "yours," I was just pointing out that unless you want to collect reaping retros for every single cube on the branch, it is not particularly important that you reap everything in between if it's all properly extended/not missing nubs, etc. Please just make sure you're completing parents periodically so that other players see a purple trail that belongs to you; then they should be less likely to jump on.


All good here :slight_smile:


Ok next question then, lol. I was under the impression that we were not supposed to be completing what we reap in forts. Or am I mistaken in that?


Ah wait, that's another reason I was a little confused by your question. Somehow I wound up thinking in terms of Mystic gameplay. Yes, please continue waiting to SC in Forts until reapgrowing is more or less complete. If you have already claimed the branch for reapgrowing purposes and you choose to bounce around with what you reap upon it, it doesn't particularly matter, because you already claimed the branch for that purpose.


Same as Atani, I got bugged at several times when i started as scythe cause i was completing what i was reapgrowing (lot of other scythes teached me that)... so i don't understand if we finally need "completing parents periodically so that other players see a purple trail that belongs to you" or if we cannot do that because like others scythe told me (and what i know say to others) " you cannot complete what you reap, it's like a student correcting himself, especially right after reaping".

I think a clear answer could be really usefull for some of us, especially for not being bugged in the futur :stuck_out_tongue:


How I understand it, don't complete while you reapgrow (in forts). Other scythes know you are in a branch because you've declared it in scouts chat (and probly because they can see the cubes going orange and stuff growing) but mostly and firstly from chat coordination/cooperation. :slight_smile: If you want to complete a branch you've reaped (how I understand it) wait a few hrs to "clear" your eyes from reaping it then check and complete etc as you would non-forts. If you want to declare "i'll start completing ## cell" or "## branch in cell ##" then feel free and I think I'll start doing that myself so as to not start 1st voting stuff in a cell someone else might be (and get in their way). :slight_smile:

Hope this helps (and that I am correct).


I think Devon got confused by my initial question. The rules about completing in forts still stand as they have been, don't reap and complete at the same time. At least that is how I understand it.

What you describe at first is how forts were played when they first came into existence, but too many things were getting missed, so they had to change the rules to accommodate that, and that is why we are where we are now. It just took a bit for the rule change to get out to all of the scythes. :slight_smile:


So there was a little confusion here in the responses due to the fact that there are few different modes of gameplay (regular play, inspecting, fort scythe, and Mystic) but Devon's last response here is correct.

I consider that there are two separate "modes" of being a scythe in Eyewire. Reaping/reap-growing and scythe-completing. They should be done separate from each other. This is the case especially in forts. As you stated, "you cannot complete what you reap, it's like a student correcting himself, especially right after reaping". Ultimately, Eyewire is a community based game with multiple people building a consensus together from their individual solutions in each cube. This is true in regular play as well as scything/reap-growing/scythe-completing.

Mode 1: Reapgrowing should be declared with where you are working in a fort in chat.

Mode 2: Scythe-completing should also be declared in any cell in chat. This is where you would use the suggestion of "completing parents periodically so that other players see a purple trail that belongs to you".

I hope this helps makes things more clear in addition to the responses by Nseraf and Atani.


Yes, thanks @Nseraf @Atani and @sorek_m :slight_smile: got all, and will do my best as always ! For science !


Adding an update here from the GMs after receiving a player query in chat: in case there's been any confusion, please also exercise caution in SCing a branch that someone else is still actively reapgrowing. There's a chance they may reapgrow slower than you can SC, which will waste your time, and also it may feel intimidating for the other person to reapgrow with someone metaphorically breathing down their neck.

So please, if there is anything you can SC that's already fully reapgrown, prioritize that before SCing the branches that others are still reapgrowing. And if you are going to SC a branch that someone else is reapgrowing, please try to coordinate/get permission so that no one's surprised. Thanks everyone!


Hi again, one more update to this thread following an additional query.

Q: If a Scythe is reapgrowing in a Fort, do they need to go out of their way to physically inspect & reap every single cube on their chosen branch, or can they skip corner cubes/stuff with nothing to add and let those weight 0 cubes be SCed later as-is?

A: On the one hand, it is up to you if you want to add your Scythe weight to a Fort cube that doesn't actually need anything done to it. As long as the branch is extending properly and you aren't mistakenly skipping cubes that do actually need stuff added, there is no problem reapgrowing that way. On the other hand, though, please treat tiny cubes with the same due diligence that you would give any other cube; if you're familiar with Mystic gameplay, think about how MSTY technically looks at every new cube spawned. Bear in mind that if you concentrate too much on just extending the main body of a branch, you may miss something, and the Scythe eventually completing the branch will have stuff they have to reap for you.

If you confirm through Inspect that there's really nothing to add, it's still up to you whether you hit the "Reap" button for fun, but as far as the GMs know the only absolute benefit to reaping every single Fort cube is that it may help various player-added scripts correctly calculate how much is left to do. Though maybe those scripts are only calculating available cubes to SC. The point is, as far as HQ's concerned, we care more about you looking closely at all your reapgrown cubes, and less about whether the entire cell turns the "Scythe" color before being SCed.

We hope this resolves any lingering confusion!


lol, thanks for the clarification, I know there were a couple of scythes who had asked about this in chat. For my 2 cents and personal opinion not just for forts but in gen if a cell has low-wt cubes it's not "complete" lol, even the smallest of corners can have an AI merger or nub piece missing or something/anything so I prefer to not leave low wts in a cell lol, but the methods you describe sound ok to me, and where one scythe might leave (in a fort) some corners unreaped there'll always be others who -later on- find and reap them, lol.

p.s it's not only msty, in normal, non fort cells we'd normal play/check and submit the corners as well lol, irritating as they are/can be they do increase respective stats (cubes/scythes/completes) lol so there's that :slight_smile: