Activity Tracker Beta Testing: Round 2


Thanks to everyone who helped beta test Activity Tracker 1.0!

We've incorporated your feedback and made a more colorful, information rich bar. Version 2 will be available for beta testing today, Nov 20 at 6 pm with a follow-up live beta testing session 11/21 at 2 pm. I will update this post with more info before beta testing begins.

To beta test:
1. Open a new Chrome Incognito window CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+N (beta testing only works in Incognito). Or, open a "Private Browsing” window in Firefox.
2. Go to
3. Sign in and say hello in chat!
4. Play some cubes and notice the updates to Activity Tracker!

Color Key:
Red: <70% accuracy
Green: 70-95% accuracy
Light blue: >95% accuracy
Dark blue: reaped
Yellow: admin
Centered grey dot: tb

Check out the settings menu to customize your Activity Tracker:

No work you complete on a beta server is saved to production Eyewire, which means your accuracy or other stats on will not be impacted by beta work.

Whether in chat or right here, please try to answer the following questions:

  1. What aspects of the tested feature do you enjoy, and why?
  2. Were there any aspects that didn't seem to work as intended, i.e. bugs?
  3. Were there any aspects that seemed to work as intended but did not have a positive effect on your experience?
  4. What aspect did you find the most confusing, if any?

Although we are open to input about what to add to a feature to make it even better, first we need to know if the current version is viable, so please put any add-on requests on the feature request sheet after the new feature is deployed.

Thanks for helping us develop ways to improve the game!

And special shoutout to @KrzysztofKruk, without whom this feature would never exist!


11/20/2017 Activity Tracker Beta Test 2 Fixes/Changes:

Reap after tb showing up as a blue centered dot

Add padding so cube ID is highlightable

Remove admin yellow
Only make reaps dark blue if done by player

Reaping accuracy: 100% with full bar

Rename slider: Activity Tracker
Spacing: 60
(maybe) Snap between points

Add Color Key (via blog link at bottom of window):
Red: <70% accuracy
Green: 70-95% accuracy
Light blue: >95% accuracy
Dark blue: reaped
Yellow: admin
Centered grey dot: tb

  1. I like the updates, especially the colours it adds life and joy to the whole thing.
  2. Didn't find anything but I havent tested for long, I'll find things in production :stuck_out_tongue:
    3+4. I would seriously like an option in the gear cog icon (savable after referesh ofc) "jump in cube or overview". so if i have it in cube and i click a cube in "activity tracker" it jumps in or if it's in ov, it remains in ov for me to jump. I would really appreciate that.
    I wouldn't mind admin reap lol I like the extra info :stuck_out_tongue: maybe add that in the gear cog icon?
    I really like the slide in gear cog of # of cubes to show, but what if instead of slide it had a field box and we typed in the # we want? and if it's more than 60 it does a scrollable thing like in KK's script. (yeah I want to be able to go back 300k cubes :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )
    I like the rest. :slight_smile:


I am very much liking the changes. I have 2 suggestions (maybe 3 but two are related)

I am still having significant lag when being put directly into review mode. As in I can copy the cube id, esc to ov, jump to the cube in question, and enter inspect mode for it, before it will just jump into review mode using the activity tracker. Would love to somehow have the option to choose whether it sends me to overview or into inspect.

And I still would like to see the bars be wider/longer or something. Or use vastly different colors for it, I know I brought up using red yellow and green for the accuracy instead of using red green and blue. The reason is, due to the small size of the bars it is hard to differentiate the colors.

As you can see reap blue and high acc blue are nearly identical on my screen.

Thanks again for letting us test!


i agree with atani that it is to little difference between reap blue and high acc blue


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're going to add the Overview/review option for Scythes in settings.

@Atani @annkri could one of you post a screenshot of the color issue you're having? I'm having a hard time understanding. Are these the blues that don't appear different on your monitor?


Yes those are the blues. In the picture that I posted, the three blue lines that are together before the Trailblazer dots, the middle one is the reap blue. So the colors in that pic from left to right are: green, light blue, green, red, light blue, dark blue, light blue, gray, gray, light blue.

I dont think the colors differentiate very well on a laptop screen.


That screenshot I posted is actually from my laptop. It would be very helpful for us if you could post a direct screenshot of how the colors look on your machine either @annkri @Atani


When i get home I'll take a screenshot and a picture.

Prob is with just a screenshot, you are still seeing the colors through your monitor. It seems to be how they are displayed through my screen that is the issue.


I think what Atani is trying to say/explain is that if she/I/someone takes screenshot and posts it you see that screenshot not as they see it in their monitors but as you see it in your monitor vs if they take a picture of their monitor with a mobile/camera etc and post it you see it as they see it not as your monitor does.



mobile pic:

So if we want to show you what "we" see through our monitors a mobile pic is better than a screenshot. :slight_smile:



Apologies for not getting this done last night when i got home, was too tired to do much of anything, lol.

Anyway, here is a screenshot of the bars:

And this is a picture of the same bar"

I fully recognize that my rig isn't even half of what other ppl have, and I am sure the age of it isn't helping matters (hey, it was a really nice laptop when i got it :sweat_smile:) But I have to believe that not everyone who plays has state of the art computers with awesome displays. And I do see a lovey difference between the blues on my cell phone screen, which leads me to believe it is my computer display.


i see a bit more difference than atani, not sure if it have something with inkognito window to do but when i log in again on betaserver every cube i have in the actvity tracker is dark blue and played a month ago


Thank you @Atani @annkri @Nseraf thank you!! We'll darken reap and lighten high accuracy :slight_smile:


I kind of have a random suggestion:
I would really like to have the ability to "pin" trailblazed cubes, so that I can check on them later on (when enough players have submitted it and they get scored..)

Because this is what just happened:
I played a really, really weird and complicated cube, thinking "oh jeez, I hope I'm okay! I guess I'll see once I submitted it."
Aaaand it was a trailblaze.
So I really want to check it once enough players submitted it, but it will be gone from my Activity Tracker if I keep playing.. So I either have to stop playing and wait for the results, or just give up on the results and keep playing..

Ooooor am I being stupid and there's a way to check trailblazed cubes already?

Anyway, is pinning trailblazed cubes in the Tracker worth a thought? Maybe it's just too much work for something un-needed..?


if i'm not mistaken, if you tb a cube and you play (for example's sake) 100 cubes after, and in 101 it gets wt 3/scored it'll jump ahead on 101 so it'll be there with whatever accuracy it's given you depending on how you/others did on it. (plus the retros msg in chat). and if you click on it you get jumped to it with review showing.

Also I'll let you in on a "secret" lol, if you pm yourself with the cube id you can then jump to it with review. so I wouldn't suggest you "save" (copy paste in a txt file or something) every cube you tb, but if it's a cube you added a large/iffy/interesting trace you can copy paste it in a txt file and then /pm Just_someone_curious ###### only you will see the id and when you click on the #id it'll jump you to the cube and show you review.

I hope this helps/works for you :slight_smile:


Yes, that helps and seems like a lot less work for everyone involved xD
Thank you!!


you're most welcome :slight_smile: