3D Neuron Renders


weird, try again? I re-saved it, maybe something went opsy during save from photoshop, it opens ok to me now. :slight_smile:


tried again, same error. Perhaps width as compared to height?


no, lol it hasn't uploaded yet lol give it time lolit's 16% upload, now. lol


it has downloaded 280822 kb every time i tryed. When opening i see shortly pic, and then comes error-info.
Lol this error comes from a windows-10-program i do not know (opens automatically since last update). Opening in Photopaint ok :slight_smile:


oh ok then the default windows software may be having a problem handling the huge resolution of the image lol, have fun zooming in! lol


Good renders @Nseraf ! But geez why using 600dpi ? :hushed: 300 is way too much for this kind of render and you should downgrade dpi for jpg renders like 72dpi for screen purpose. I downgraded one from 500Mo to 128Mo :wink: Better for most of EW users i think.

Anyway thanks, good render here :slight_smile: Thanks for your effort man.


oh I just wanted to go completely over the top lol, also 30k/50k is higher than 12k, I didn't want to take any chances at such high resolutions lol and have it come out pixelated at extreme zoom and have to rerender lol. and thanks :slight_smile:


Super mega massive renders of such complex teeny tiny cells! Thanks for making these!


did some re-organising so here's a new link to the huge renders, previous links won't work anymore.