3D Neuron Renders

I’m learning to use 3DS Max to make renders of neurons from Eyewire & Neo. You guys probably know that Alex Norton made all the renders of neurons that have ever come out. All of them. And now that he is on a new frontier transforming the world of UX at Google, there should be someone at Eyewire who knows how to use software that allows us to beautifully showcase the cells that the crowd discovers. So I’m taking it up.

If there are players who want to play around with meshes and try making some renders, let me know! You can access mesh files at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3kV2fQEMUoKNnV4RGIxZEh1RjQ

Licensing: you must send support@eyewire.org any images that you release publicly. These meshes are creative commons share-alike, which means your images must be released creative commons. All images shared must credit meshes via The Allen Institute and Seung Lab for MICrONS.

We’re in the process of making it so that all meshes from Eyewire are easily downloaded from museum as all future cells will be from Neo. Stay tuned for a blog post explaining how to get .obj files from museum.eyewire.

For inspiration, here’s a screenshot of some of the neurons in the folder above from within 3dsmax:


Nice!! I betcha I/we can make you some cool renders lol, question. If we post stuff here and/or email them to HQ for you guys to handle as you want/like, we still have to credit ppl? or since it’s directly in ew platform (forum) and/or email it’s ok?

If we must credit, in caption under image or “blablabla” in image low right corner?

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Awesome! I bet you’re right!

You can post them here/email, I’m still a little unclear on the crediting though I don’t think it needs to be on the image itself. Will see if I can get a clarification. In the meantime, it’s ok if you want to share things in chat :slight_smile:

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hey cool sharing obj files ! :heart_eyes:

here a few 8000px and 4000px resolution renders from these 10M polygons scene :

ONLY for posting here, please do not copy this content to any other website.


Great renders! :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink: And i now can remove these fused mergers ! :joy:

Wow, this is awesome!!

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Even more appropriate than Eyewire logo, here is the Neo one!


Another render, from the inside :grinning: More artistical :cherry_blossom:


Looks a little bit like a Pollock’s painting, lol :smiley:


hey thanks ! I will render it higher, hope it will be good for tomorow !

Here’s a couple of mine with alpha map so you (Daniella?) can place whatever background you like behind it lol

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These are awesome! Looks like there will be a 14 ft x 10 ft wall print at Princeton of some of these cells. Will share some updated meshes soon!


Ahhh oranges and red ! :joy: Really cool screen !

Really impatient so see what my computer can handle :stuck_out_tongue:
Actual scene is about 45Millions polys :scream:

Here’s my NEO contribution, small resolution. If you’re interested i can handle it with a better one :wink:
Like @Nseraf i could add transparency in case you would like to change background color


omg it’s like Where’s Waldo but with Msty


Here are meshes for 26 more cells!


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precious metals

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An EPIC render by @Kfay with color palette by @danielag !! The full resolution version is 12,000px!!