3D Neuron Renders


Awesome :slight_smile: i'm just totally glade making it ! it was really a good experience.... and i'm really excited to see the result too !


these are also pyramidal neurons?


Most of them, some we are not sure yet because I picked them in the middle of the dataset to look nice rather than to show a single type.


Here is a set of recommended colors selected by @danielag:

copy and paste from the gdoc linked above and for reference:


ah nice, i mean they're all from neo dataset?


yes indeed!


A preview still of the animation, it's going to be 25 secs HD 1080 with 25 frames per sec. A flyby. (about 2 mins per frame x25 frames per sec x 25 secs= roughy 50 hrs lol) (Yes I have a beast of a PC :stuck_out_tongue: ) if ya like I can raise it to full quality and draw it out to 10mins per frame but considering it'll be displayed in monitors and/or tv screens i don't think it's much required.

I was also thinking I can maybe do an animation of a cell originating from the CB and then doing a pseudo timelapse of growth while showing the 2D as if a player scrolling etc but for that I need the whole dataset in slides lol xD I mean it'd not be a render, I'd import 3D model + slides in Adobe AE and do mah magic there with masks and whatnot revealing the cell as if it being traced. The thing is it's not a cube, it's a whole cell so I'd need the slides of it which it being a cell is...all dataset xD (ok I wrote that in a convoluted way, it's early no coffee yet :stuck_out_tongue: )



I really like the lights and shadows. It looks like a leafy tree in a sunny day :slight_smile:


Wowww this is awesome! cool lighting and is that fog in the background?

Oh man that would be super crazy to see a timelapse of a cell growing. The whole dataset is pretty pretty huge, are you sure? I could ask if we could share that


no lol, that's the alpha map on the png and this forum/site showing it white (other sites show it black) lol but the render is using depth of field and customised "fog" ie like things will hue out the further away they are from your "eyes"/camera so that looks like fog lol

well i dont necessarily want the whole dataset but. if I'm going to animate something like this:

then I need the slides. If it's a cube then that's the slides of that particular cube, but since I want to animate a cell....it's the dataset xD

So I can make the slides "scroll down" and as they scroll down the cell "appears" (unhides lol) as it goes lol.

If Daniela or anyone else has an idea on how I can do it without needing the whole dataset and/or there's a way for me to a portion of the dataset that has that cell etc I'm all ears lol.

My idea is to treat the dataset as a "video" so import it in AE as animated image sequence and have it "play" for say 100 secs (or more or less) and as it is playing from top to bottom I'll manually add it extra keyframes/motion to also "go downwards" and place the 3D obj to appear with masks and whatnots etc as it'd appear as someone clicks on the 2d etc.

I think I can make a cool nice "little" animation and make it look like a 3D rendering from a 3d software but it won't be :smiley:

and yeah i imagine that pinky_40 must be a few tbs worth of data xD


I think Sebastian would love this. Let me bring it up at our team neuroscience meeting on Monday


Ok so, here's the 1st rendered second of the animation (25 in total lol) it's not edited in post production, colours and light/shadows need work in post production but should give you an idea of it. :slight_smile:



Wow that's beautiful!


hey a promising start ! :grinning: how many time to render this draft ?


abt 30-50 mins per frame for 25 frames.


Wow that's wild! I'll see if we can play around with backburner some more tomorrow!

Also we are trying to figure out what's the proper crediting system for these images. It seems crowdsourced renders are a bit of new territory for government! I will keep you posted hopefully with an answer soon!



this just in at Princeton... @Kfay


Dunno about still images like in kfay's render now hanging in Princeton (cool beans!) but for my vid(s) I'll have a few secs at the end with credits all round lol (allen neurology institute for the dataset, Seung labs, Boston ew HQ and me lol) (am I forgetting anyone?) so like 5-10 secs at the end with black background and a roll of credits. Assuming y'all like the video/animation enough to play it anywhere that bit at the end covers me lol.

But I'll have the raw "footage" so if you want something else I can change that and resend it. I can also send you the raw image sequence and After Effect file(s) if you want to do some tinkering of your own lol.


Ahah ! This is it ! (better than the movie :laughing: ) Amy Daniela and Kfay's wall !


Lol, better than the movie?