Year in review blog: stats requests?


Hi guys!

I’m putting together a blog with a bunch of stats from 2018, including cubes players new millionaires etc. What stats would you like to see?

Annkri suggested mystic stats, total # cells, total active players/scouts/scythes

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Suggestions: some breakdowns of size of cells/how long it took to complete them

Also maybe something to do with special events? Like maybe number of cubes/cells completed during events

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that would be cool perhaps even you could make a digram showing numbers of cells betwheen 0-100, 100-200 etc

also you could have some stats for how many new players we have gotthis year / how many did finish tutorials

perhaps some info on how much work have been done this year in comparison to earlier years.


how many achievements were unlocked?

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The oldest cubes to find their proper homes? Like when an old stashed merger finds its place.

How many times For Science! was entered in the chat?


Amount of updates made for KK’s scripts lol


@KrzysztofKruk we def want to include this!


2 new scripts last year
160 contributions last year
In total:
9 scripts
26 files
6701 lines of code (5259 lines of JavaScript + JSON; 397 lines of PHP + SQL; 1045 lines of CSS)

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perhaps top players in accuracy


perhaps top players as compared to other players, percentage of works in eyewire

  1. how many hours people spent working on cubes
  2. % of new cells contributed to the entire project (like 20% of all Eyewire cell completions occurred in 2018) and compared to years before (10% growth in cells completed compared to other years)
  3. how much of dig sector completed in % (like 75% done)
  4. new papers that came out
  5. new types of neurons discovered
  6. the # of new cells and cubes completed
  7. new eyewirers - #, locations
  8. the # of new badges handed out
  9. improvements made to the site - helpful to keep people relevant - like how there’s a glow to where people are located in a cell
  10. highest # of points made by a person in 2018

perhaps some mystics-info, like how many cells, different types of cells if already known, percentage of cells done in dataset


Thanks everyone! We have a big list on the whiteboard at HQ and are going to pull together as many as possible.


Oh man we’re putting all these stats together and they’re so fun. Any guesses as to how many cubes were submitted last year?


1.3 million?

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Perfect guess


Just throwing it out there, but wouldn’t it be cool to have an individual stat list, like if someone pulls up their name (like in a search bar, so they can pull up other people’s usernames too), it’ll show which cells they worked on, followed by the # of cubes, completes, time, % of cell work on, etc. within the cell for 2018? Or maybe this should be for all years?

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That would be really cool.

Stats post is live!


I look forward to this all year. I really like the list! i’m just wondering though, how come more zfish cells were completed than retinal cells? Are they smaller, easier, or just better/more dedicated players to work on them?

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3 things really:

  • Msty does 95% of the work (until she decides to do 95% of the work on other cells and adds them to yours)
  • You have 2 players working on a cell, player B is generally just a 2nd SC
  • Since cells start by synapses and not with cell bodies like in eyewire cells, you can have duplicate cells that are both a part of the same cell (I had a cell for instance with 6 dupes within 3 cubes) and all of those dupes are given cell IDs and probably counted here for simplicity.