Work lost... again.... not safeguard against that?

That the 3rd or 4th time within a couple of weeks that I click on the wrong keyboard key (presumably ESC, or Backspace) while working on a cell and the whole shebang get reset to a Start Playing page. All work is lost and there is no pop up asking to confirm that I want to throw my divine work in the garbage before said work is effectively sent into oblivion.

That’s a problem. There should be a confirmation box poping up and asking the user to confirm they are uber bored and want to go fishing instead of keeping painting that damn cell when a Doomed Key has been - maybe inadvertently - pressed. You know, just in case…

(if there is a way to come back to a previous state once the Start playing page appears, let me know, thx)

If you hit start playing, assuming you haven’t refreshed, it should bring you back into the same task you were working on (at the very least it does this for scouts and scythes because there are times where you need to reference the Overview to fix a cube). Hitting restart will happen but unfortunately I’m unaware if anything disables that. @KrzysztofKruk may have a plugin for that. It seems like the sort of thing that could be fixed with a plugin.

I don’t have a plugin for that. But, IIRC, the problem happens only in Firefox. In Chrome the current trace should be restored after pressing Esc and Start Playing, but I might be wrong about Firefox.

Ok… thanks guys. I am on Firefox. That could explain why the session is not called back. Will work from Chrome for now on.

Note: Regardless, displaying “Start Playing” after an interrupt, even if it does work on some navigators (Chrome), is not really a sementically appropriate invite. It should be something like “Continue previous session” “Go back to session” or something similar.