Why is time taken important?

When I am in full swing and get a simple complete cube, if I submit quickly I get fewer points than if i wait for an unknown amount of time. This would be less annoying if I understood it fully.  

Hey 1sigor,

We generally want people to take their time and observe a cube carefully in order to achieve the highest accuracy. After about 3mins or so, you are awarded 20 points for time. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. I think conflating accuracy and speed is a mistake. Genuine attempts will take as long as they take and could be dealt with in the tutorials and early attempts. How about removing the speed limit for experienced players? I suspect if you had a poll they would say they take as long as it takes 15 secs or 15 mins.

No problem, 1sigor! True, the time it takes for completion varies depending on the cube. Some may be easy enough to speed through if there isn’t much to add on. In those situations, you wouldn’t really be
earning that many points because you aren’t needing to add anything to
those cubes that the computer accurately traced
. So you aren’t missing out by not waiting around for the extra points. Besides, the points awarded for taking your time isn’t a enough of a bonus to make a noticeable difference in your score, but it does encourage/reward precision.

If I understand correctly, the accuracy % is unaffected whether or not the points earned are 1 or 20?

If my connection or equipment is slow and my time is being spent waiting for the checkerboard to clear, does that count as time spent on the trace?

@GrandmereLouise yes it does count toward your time tracing.

My eyewire screen has gone haywire and I can’t play…any comments???

what browser are you using? avoid safari like the plague, chrome and firefox are the best. empty cache, upgrade your GFX if needed, eyewire uses webgl which some older graphic cards do not support. can you provide us with a screenshot?