Why is my score zero?

I scored 0 on this cube, although the review only reveals colors for correct scores, no red, no yellow? See screenshot attached. Thanks

Sometimes if your trace is the one that make a trace snap in to place. the points will be calculated on the trace that was in cube before you submitted. In that cube probably only seed. but when accuracy is calculated it will be from what is in cube after you submitted and will be green in review. To get zero points you also need to have played it really fast because you are not getting any points for time used.
I hope this explanation makes some sense.

Hi t2null,

Thanks for reporting! I’m sorry to say that you encountered a bug. Sometimes when you trailblaze a cube, the activity tracker incorrectly identifies the submission as “0%”.

You can check the status of your cube by hovering on the little bar/dot in the activity tracker. If you see the following information: “Accuracy 0%”, “Trailblazer: Yes” and “Weight: 1.0”. Then, you are seeing this bug. You should however have “Score: 50pts” as you get 50 pts for every cube you trailblaze. You will get retroactive points for a trailblazed cube as more players play the cube. You can learn more about how Activity Tracker works here.

In regards to the cube you reported (Cube ID: 3327149), you should see that your activity tracker has been updated and it should now reflect the correct accuracy and points.

Let us know if you have any further questions!


Hi Sorek

Same with me but I see:

“Accuracy 0%”, “Trailblazer: Yes”, and “Weight: 0”

Hi Cronos,

Thanks for reporting! Looks like this cosmetic bug for trailblazed cubes is still popping up.

You have correctly earned your 50 trailblazing points. Thankfully, once another player plays your cube your activity tracker should update the accuracy and weight correctly. I am currently seeing the cube is listing your submission and weight as 1.0.

Thank you,