Where to send your feature suggestions and bug alerts

Hi guys,

This was mentioned in another thread, but I wanted to create a new thread specifically on this topic to make sure that all players visiting the forum are aware.

We now have a place for you to put your feature suggestions and bug alerts. The purpose of this sheet is to have a consolidated working list of suggested features and bugs as well as a rating system to prioritize issues that are most pressing for the Eyewire community.

Please find the feature suggestions/bug alerts sheet here.

Please please please read the instructions page thoroughly before posting!

If you have any questions about this sheet you may post here or send a note to support@eyewire.org

Happy Eyewiring! For Science!


And an amazing sheet it is! :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I find eyewire to be frustrating and make no sense. I’ve tried playing a few times and there seems to be no reason for what I’m doing. It is not clear what the point of the game is, how to play it, when you are getting better, earning points or losing ?? I just click lots of things … they all turn blue … then I click check work and see a neuron where I can click on the yellow “correct” part … then “move on” it seems completely pointless and I have no idea what I’m doing. Mostly giving myself carpal tunnel by mindlessly clicking my mouse and filling up a cube, only to see 0% correct when I click “check my work”. It would be lovely to have a tutorial video that shows someone how to play, how you get better, how you earn points etc.

My two cents.

It’s like a 3D colouring book, you are still in the tutorials (lab pre-solved cubes), you won’t have any such feedback after. Colour within the lines of the starting piece. If you want to know what the point of the game is about ask in chat and/or do !about in chat. also do !videos and !tips in chat. Also try !points in chat and !faq.

Hi folks, one of your suggestions (msty toggle to EW colors) has been deployed to Eyewire. Yay!

I suggest that you go take another look at the suggestions sheet and make sure you’ve voted for the things you want to be in the top 3.

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might be good to explain how to use it? please? (the mystic colors)

When the MSTY toggle slider is closed, you will be in EW colors and at 100% confidence (all segments split apart). When you open the slider you will see Mystic colors and be able to adjust the threshold.

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