What post-competition stats would you want to see?


If you received personal or global stats after a competition, what would you want to see? Please consider for Happy Hour, Marathon, and Versus.

Some we came up with:

Points earned/cubes completed
Bonus Points
Total HH/marathon/vs Points you won
Your ranking


What else would be interesting? Answers will be considered for the official notification system. Thanks for adding your brainpower to the mix!


idk, those look good, i need to play with it (notification sys) to get ideas lol.


Perhaps include accuracy?


Thanks for this suggestion. We’re trying to find a way to include it – perhaps as a delayed notification? It wouldn’t be ready immediately at the end of a competition.


yeah, that’s a problem. And i think all stats should be given together, so waiting some days for accu-update is perhaps too long time. You tend do send emails to the players? Why? The stats you mention above are all seen in the blog and everybody can look.