What is the deal with Cube #5162781?

I got charged with 100% errors and there is not even any seed to start with. I don’t even remember this cube at all. Maybe a computer glitch?

Hi Brainless17,

Thanks for reporting! I checked out cube 5162781 and this is one of those rare cubes that has a “wrong seed” merger. Occasionally, the computer will make a new seed piece that is actually a neighboring unrelated branch. For cubes like this, we remove the seed piece and add in the “good” segments.

In the screenshot here, you can see that the dark blue seed piece is wrong (yellow X) and the scythe has added in the green segments (yellow :heavy_check_mark:) that belong to the light teal “good” branch:

Normally, these types of cubes get “stashed” = removed from play so that they don’t count towards anyone’s accuracy score (it’s impossible to know that you had the wrong seed piece!). However in this case, it appears that the cube got kept as part of the cell and remained in play after it got fixed. I’m sorry that happened… this is partly why we keep a rolling basis of 60 cubes for accuracy as bad cubes happen to everyone at some time. So yes, this particular cube is indeed a computer glitch!