What is the best tip you've received in EyeWire?


A tip that helped you map better. Feel free to supplement with images and video!  We will include these answers in a blog post. 


If there are flat surfaces on the 3D model that I haven’t put there intentionally (e.g. because of a merger), then the cube complete.


For example, the branch goes all the way across the cube!  


If your branch ends in a sharp or jagged edge, that indicates a mistake in the AI, i.e. a point from which the branch should be extended.


Switch 2D planes to check your work.  Alt+drag in 2D window


Alt+drag in 2D window
It took a while till I found out about it , cause I didn’t had to use it in the tutorial,


Using Alt+click to center the 3D can be very helpful :slight_smile:  Works in the overview, as well as once you’re inside a cube.

  • Tools
    • Shift to see without coloring
    • Alt-drag to get a different view before submitting 
    • go back to overview to see cell connectivity before submitting
    • click on 3-D cell to center 2D view
  • Cells
    • no jagged edges
    • cells don't have walls between branches or regions, if you see a wall it is another cell
      • unless you are in a bulb which has lots of partial interior walls
    • don't guess or hope, do not include branches unless they are very clearly connected to the cell
    • cells should connect to at least 2 sides, or very clearly terminate to a fin or bulb
    • cells are composed of tubes, bulbs and flaps that wrap around other tubes
    • final cell should smooth and elegant, no cling-ons
  • Realize how amazingly small and connected the cells is - each voxel is ~20 nm, the size of a protein


Go to the overview to check your work.  I did not understand that until I did it.  While it may not be 100% correct, it sure helps give perspective.


Ctrl+Shift+Z redoes a previously Ctrl+Z deleted action. I know what you’re thinking. Read the instructions!



thanks for this piece of FAQ. I need some more information on bradtaylor’s post.

He mentions the ability to go back to overview. How do you do that ? Doesn’t it make you lose the current cube ?


Going back to Overview and then returning to Play should normally present you with the same cube you were just playing, still with any of your work. However, it may be rotated from what you last saw when playing, which can get either confusing or enlightening.


Hey Xandrex,

Pretty much what Lottery said. Also, when you are working on a cube, there is an Overview button in the top left hand corner of your screen.


Tongue in cheek: my best tip was $500.00.


When your internet goes wrong while playing, go to overview first before reloading. I think this is as good as saving your progress.


Can’t find your cube in 3D? No need to drag, zoom in and zoom out… just click “Start Over” to reload with the cube in the center.


or just alt+click in 2D to recenter the 3D :stuck_out_tongue:


best tip I ever got was alt+left click in 2D, and drag to reorient the 3D 

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I learned a lot from Nik’s EW videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/fatarion/videos