What colors are on your heatmap?


Now that we have an integrated color picker for custom heatmap colors, I’d love to see how players have personalized Scythe Vision colors!

Here’s mine:


red is admin wted
the almost white purple is vote 1, then the slightly deeper one vote 2 and top left admin voted. orange is ofc scythe reaped.



Here is my colours. Also i have red (most used), green and blue as my custom highlight colours


Got accustomed to new original EW-heat-colors and use them with one exception: One scythe-complete i changed from that terrible light orange to the light lavendar. Still: Kind of miss the old reap-orange.


Mine is:

a little bit dark :slight_smile:


I mostly reverted back to the old colors, except I made both of the admin actions different shades of red. And made the two scythe complete purples as different as I could.

I love looking at admin completed cells now, they look fiery :fire:

Although I’m planning to get a new computer and will probably tweak things to make them pretty with the new display. :slight_smile:


What script is this in? I don’t have any options to change colors :frowning:


you do, in EWDLC.

(either from ew addon or TM version).


Me did not change anything ! All new officials colors are finally good to me :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’ll double check when EW is back up. I’ll post my macular degenerating choices here when I do.


Here’s my color scheme. It’s specialized for scouting, so base is green, signalling cubes that is free game for scouts. A cube that is already scouted is yellow (I kept it default because I like how satisfying the golden glow is). Anything that is scythe or voted on a bit is a shade of blue, symbolizing that it has been scythed. Anything that is most likely completed and therefore usually off-limits is red (enough votes, admin completed). Anything that is frozen by admins is black, and anything frozen by scythes is gray. Also, duplicates are pink, because they are kinda the odd one out.


Interesting choice of colour i can see the use for it as a scout


Didn´t change my colour-scheme yet, but i´ll put it in mind! Really easier to see (for a scout) which region could be payed more interest! I´ll remember this tomorrow and have a closer look over my own colours.:grinning: Thank you.