Weight map color cube for admins

Hi there !

Could the color for admins (sorek, twist etc) vote on cube the same as other scythe ?
For the moment, every cube voted by an admin is still green, i think it should be blue, like any voted cube. Could me more understandable.

Hi Kfay,

I believe you are asking to combine two different maps here (Scythe Vision and Low Weight). Scythe Vision shows the completion status best (Vote System) and Low Weight shows how many players have played a cube (Weight System; not related to completion status at all). I understand the desire as I have found myself changing between the two maps constantly to find cubes that are at weight and need completing. There have been some thoughts on the two being better depicted.


Yeah, i tried to bypass :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, i think adding an additional color for voted cube should be added in weight map, it could improve the scything job.