Website is down reasons why?

I can’t access the Eyewire game but I can access the forum, wiki and everything else. It has been down for 2 days in my time zone. Can anyone please explain why?

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Hi there,

I don’t know for sure where you are to know if you are having a region specific issue. Have you tried clearing your cache and refreshing?

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Also if Atani’s suggestion doesn’t work, may want to try emptying cookies and site data as well, if that doesn’t work, email

What browser are you using? IE is not supported and may cause incompatibilities and/or probs. Chrome Firefox and opera (in that order lol) are the supported (and unofficially supported) browsers.

I"m not sure how to clearing my cache but I am using chrome.

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press ctrl+h to bring up history > press up left “clear browsing data” it’ll pop up a thing, check “cookies and other site and plugin data” and “cashed images and files” and in “oblitarate the following items from” check “the begining of time” then click “clear browsing data” and ctrl+f5 ew tab (after it’s done). If this doesn’t work i’d email HQ.

Beta is down

Hi Radioactive7,

No worries! Our beta website is regularly used for testing and code experimenting purposes. As a result, we regularly take the site down. If we need help with beta tests, we’ll let players know when to use our testing website.