WebGL error

I have tried about 10 times now to play eyewire and everytime i get ‘there should be a spinning 3d neuron here’ i have followed the instructions for how to fix it in the box underneath but it hasn’t worked. i’m using the latest version of java, chrome and latest video drivers so idk what’s happening. if anyone can help or link me to a forum page i would be grateful

did you email HQ? support@eyewire.org a dev may know to help you.

I got  that error while working with Linux. Eyewire with chrome on a Win 7 machine was ok. 

So, what OS are you using? What grafics card do you use and what Browser?


I am now having this issue. Sent an email to support.  

Had this issue before where I got the message - There should be a spinning neuron here.  I just reloaded the page and it seemed to fix the issue.  

Today, I refreshed a few times and still had the issue.  I then clicked the - Find out how to enable it - box.  DId all the steps and still no fix.  I even turned off the computer and tried again.

I have an Compac610 with Win7 and Chrome 37 and have played the game with same setup.

Thanks for looking into this and advising.
At first I would recommend to verify whether you checked "fix crystals" in the settings of your profile.

If that doesn't help:
As a test you could install chromium portable 36 and  try again.  Detailed description you will find in the article concerning 
Chrome V37 issue with Overview
here in the forum. 

... and please don't hesitate to report your findings :)