"vote only" heatmap

Could it be possible to add a heat map called “vote only” just to show the votes.

I think it could help a bunch completing cells and for having a better view of the actual cell status.
Just an idea.


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Hi Kfay,

The scythe heat map does show how many votes each branch has – light purple for 1 vote, medium purple for 2 votes, and dark purple for an admin vote. I suppose that you’re suggesting that we could have a heatmap that shows only votes without scythed/reaped cubes? That could be convenient, but since we already have the votes visible in the Scythe map it may not be a top priority for us to add another map atm. I would probably suggest making it a toggle button as well rather than a separate map. I can see how it could be a useful feature, so I will mention it up to the rest of the team next time we meet.


Yeah that’s it ! And a toggle button could be awesome too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply :wink:

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I had once suggested the same lol back when we had volume colouring instead of task colouring we have now, I agree with M that a toggle button in heatmap(s) would be very nice!

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