Videos on strategy

I played about fifty games and scored 20 most of the time. Re-worked the tutorials about five times and my scores picked up to the 200 to 300 range. Now I am back in the 20s. It seems the patterns are either very easy or impossible. How about a video or two that goes beyond the mechanics of the keyboard/screen and how to think your way through a neuron? If you never know what you did right, how do you get better? Some of the high scorers must know. Thanks.

It’s all about experience…you have some feedback by clicking your name either in chat or upper right corner in screen and seeing your accuracy. You’ll see a percentage, if you hover your mouse over it you’ll see two more numbers.

Under and Over colouring.

Undercolouring means you are missing segments that others have traced,

Overcolouring means you are adding segments others missed.

Neither is necessarily bad, as others may have added a merger and you didn’t or you added a branch others missed.

If however your overcolouring and/or undercolouring is large, say larger than 1%-5% then you are probably making mistakes in cubes.

eyewire is essentially a 3D colouring book, so what you want is to trace within the borders of the original blue piece.

Some cubes can be easier than others and some can be quite insane, evil and “OMG RUUUUNN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

But on average they are not altogether that tough, you just need to keep at it and take your time, accuracy is more important than speed, remember to change planes (alt+left click+drag on 2D), it helps greatly and constantly check the 3D for jagged and/or flat surfaces, those 99.99999999999% indicate missing stuff. Holes in the 2D in the seed and/or trace also can indicate that.

If however you see “super white” areas in the 2D that look to connect with your trace, avoid them, they are mergers, trace around them.

Here’s some videos I’ve made that are on tough traces and difficulties found in cubes in eyewire:

oh and some cubes just have nothing to add so you won’t get more than 1-40 points on them, we all get them but scores less than 50 points don’t show up in chat.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

I had time to study some of your videos. They are very well done. Thanks again.

you’re welcome :slight_smile: glad you found them useful :slight_smile: