Versus Stats from 2017


Howdy howdy all!

I crunched the data from the Vs for the past year and thought i’d share the results.

We had 28 Vs this year! Round of applause for the awesome admins for putting that many on!

Of those 28 competitions the biggest team won 14 times, the smallest team won 13 times, and in one competition the teams were even!

We had an average of 39 players play each competition, and of those we had a average of 27 players earn 2,500 points or more, that’s an average of 63%!

The competition with the most players was Sagan vs Tyson with 55 participants.
The competition with the fewest players was Sportscars vs Motorcycles with 33 participants.

Here’s the spreadsheet I used to track all of them if anyone is interested. I may make some pretty graphs and charts in the future, but not right now :slight_smile:

And if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!


interesting, i like statistics :slight_smile:
looks like amount of players and their doings do not influence team winner small or big - all quite random, thus calculation of ew looks fair. Me personally was 12 times in looser-, 16 times in winner-team, also quite random.

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It’s actually weird to see only one competition with 3 teams lol, I wonder if they will do more 3-teamed comps next year :slight_smile:

Btw for consistency, is it okay if you properly capitalize everything? Also, it’s a bit confusing in determining which team won, and I don’t get what the blue/red/white colors mean. But overall, I really like the chart, as it’s fun to see the events that happened in 2017!

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Lol, as far as capitalization goes, lazy data collector is lazy, lol.

The red/aqua/white column simply denotes how much of a difference in number of players there was between the teams. Red is a difference of 10 or more. Aqua is a difference of 3 or less. White is all the leftovers.

I actually didn’t mark which team was the winner, lol. I was more interested in the demographic data related to the teams :slight_smile:

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@Atani cool! Would you be interested to write a guest blog with these stats?

We could also query any additional stats you’re interested in.

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I can if you want! I need to work on my pretty charts and graphs then :smile: