Usability improvement through some new hotkeys

Hi all,

i really feel the need for some minor improvements.

1. on pressing ‘enter’ i want to enter the chat and start writing right away

2. i would like hotkeys for “skip cube”, “Start over” and “Im finished”, i would recommend cmd + q / w / e for it.

Best regards

Hi sliet,

I’ll be happy to pass your hotkey suggestion to our developers. As for point #1, though, could you please clarify this? If you have not typed “/silence” in chat, then chat should be open for you to type in at any time.


I think he means that by pressing enter if he (or anyone else) does not have the cursor in the chat box the enter gets him inside and doesn’t have to go and click in there with the mouse button thus ‘saving’ on time by tracing with the mouse instead, the prob with that is that others have suggested that enter be used as a hotkey/shortcut for the “i’m finished” button :stuck_out_tongue: so maybe another button? maybe c for chat?

yes thats excatly what i meant (: but i would rather suggest something like cmd + enter for “i’m finished” because pressing “enter” to enter a chat is more commen

All right, thanks for clarifying. The next time that our developers are considering new hotkey ideas I’ll try to make sure they’ve seen all of this.