Updating Chat Colors


@susi Agree with your choice! Very distinguishable - in new coloursystem again scythe and mod have almost the same colour (imo), why not take a very different one?


There is some linearity in roles: Scout->Scythe->Mystic. There’s also the fun of getting a new color each time you get a new role, whether that role is technically “higher” or “lower” than your other roles.


So the fun option is deciding : ) so I would be greatfull if some role is red so i can get red nick : d i miss the Carnival option with this intense red color :(:(:(:frowning:


Yep :slight_smile: I think the new Mystic color is somewhat similar to the Carnival (maybe not exactly the same but close-ish). We also may unveil some temporary colors in the future during events or related to holidays


Very well done. My only suggestion is to switch the moderator and daily high score, as I feel the daily high score is higher and needs more attention. But idk in real practice, would the blue or teal stand out more? Maybe a brighter light blue may help?

Also, scout and scythe are a little too similar, what about pink for scout instead (if it’s not like a coral one that looks like orange or red, but a hot pink).


Because of your secret love for being a space pilot of course. You like it so much, you didn’t realize you just shared your secret with the world lol


I feel scouts should have glow, as they have a legitimate role. That’s a good distinguisher. But otherwise, I’m sooooo glad it’s back. Like no idea how great!