Update to feature suggestion and bug fix sheet

Hi i have made a filter system to the sheet with good help from @hawaiisunfun and @susi this will hopefully make it easier to see if there already are a similar suggestion or bug in the sheet before adding a new suggestion.

the new system can also be used to filter out any vote or like made by one username and will be easier to hold updated. It can also be used to sort the sheet after number of votes but this is a bit more complicated because google sheet count 1 2 3 4 5 0 instead of 0 1 2 3 4 5.

you can add new suggestions like before but also have to add a category from a list to the suggestion.

here is a step by step explanation on how to use the new feature

All columns now have a filter button, you only need to use the buttons for category, vote and perhaps like

when you click on the button there are two different methods one for the category column where you choose one or several categories you want to look at

Make sure you are sorting after values then first empty the list with the blue link and then chose the category you want to see from the scroll menu. After you are finished looking at the sheet it important that you makes all entries visible with choose all entries in the same box.

To see where you (or a other player) have voted or liked the suggestion use this method

make sure you are sorting after condition then chose “text contains” from first scrolldown list and then write in your username in the box under it. After you are finished erase your username and all entries should be visible.

Only one of the filters can be used on the same time or you would not see all entries.


at the moment this categories are used in feature suggestion tab
in cube
scouts log
watch mode
this sheet
physical products
no longer a wish

i have tried to colour code the categories with green for things normal players often can use, blue/purple for scouts+ features and red for more technical tings that are not direct part of either order

if anyone have ideas to better categories or think some of the categories should be merged let me know. i do not wish to have any more different categories than this or it will be to many options when adding a new suggestion.

at the moment the categories in the bug sheet is
incorrect outcome,
feature request,
GUI layout,

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the first list looks like a lot of categories, but maybe it’s fine, as there’s a lot of suggestions there. The other tabs don’t need categories, so only these 2.