Two prep slots open for June's Hunt


Hi Scythes! This post is to let you know that we have just 2 out of a possible 4 players signed up for prepping the next Hunt cell. If you have worked on a Hunt before, then you are welcome to join in this time around. That is, if you didn’t qualify to do it during February’s Hunt, but you have prior Hunt prep experience and would like to repeat, drop a comment here! First come, first serve. I’ll be selecting a cell and sending out instructions to all Hunt preppers on Monday the 20th.


I’ll do it, if I’m not signed up already.


I’d be happy to help again!


I do not know of whether i am already signed up (i communicated earlier, that i would like to help again).
If not - bad luck for me :slight_smile:


@hwaaim @Atani @susi scoobi and susi were the two people I already had… looks like we now have a full four! Awesome!