Twitch Streaming?

Hi! I’m a small-time twitch streamer, and I was wondering if it’d be okay if I streamed EyeWire sometimes? I think it’s a really neat concept and I’d like to share it with people and show it off, and hopefully get some of my (admittedly small) audience interested.

Does anyone know if there are guidelines already in place for this? I’ve looked around the forums and haven’t found anything related yet. I don’t want to break any rules or cause problems for the team.



Hi Pseudo,

Welcome to Eyewire! We’re happy to hear you’d like to stream Eyewire on Twitch. While we don’t have any set guidelines for streaming, we just ask that you try to keep things family-friendly since we’re an all-ages game. Our rules for Eyewire’s in-game chat may be a helpful guide for you:

We’ve had a few Eyewirers stream in the past. If you’re live, let us know so we can say “Hello!” in the chat for your audience :slight_smile:


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Thanks! I think I’m going to stream it this afternoon at around 2pm EST. I’ll be on Twitch here: