Tutorial stuck at 1 of 6



I think I’m on the level 2 tutorial. I’ve completed several cubes with 100% correct but the progression doesn’t move. It still shows 1 of 6.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help.


It is a well known bug after some new release(s). Devs are aware of it and they are working on it afik. :slight_smile:


Hi brubru777,

Sorry for the trouble on the Level 2 tutorial. We’ve fixed the problem and you should be all set to pass that Level 2 tutorial! Good luck!



Thank you very much, it works now. :+1:


Hi - the same thing happened to me about one month ago – I just gave up and stayed in the “1 of 6” loop and just did each cube generated and eventually I was flipped back into the game. It took several hours but I got out on my own. Actually in my version it would let me get to 3 or 4 of 6 and then loop me back to the dreaded 1 of 6. Good luck!