Tutorial question

I just joined Eyewire. I went to watch the 6 tutorial videos at http://blog.eyewire.org/a-walk-through-the-eyewire-tutorials-1-of-3/. Tutorial 2 is listed as Tutorial 5 and Tutorial 5 is listed as Tutorial 2. I’m assuming someone just embedded the wrong URL links. Please correct the webpage. I want to watch the tutorials in consecutive order because I am pretty lost right now… thanks.

Hi jwelch176,

Sorry about the confusion! We had reorganized the tutorial to make it a little bit shorter and somehow updating this post with the correct titles slipped thru our neurons.

Everything should be updated with a clear playlist now on that blog post for the tutorial walkthrough.

Please note that a few of the videos have incorrect voice narration when identifying the Tutorial Cube number - this is because we changed the order of a few of the cubes. The playlist is in the correct order that currently matches the tutorial cubes you will encounter on Eyewire.

If you need any help, feel free to ask in chat! The Eyewire community is happy to help you out.