Tutorial progress keeps being reset



Every time I login from a new computer (different from the last one I most recently played), I am redirected to the tutorial and made to complete it again before I can play. This is the same tutorial I completed when I first started playing (so I don’t think it is the “Lightning tutorial”) and I have had to redo it multiple times in the past few months. I am so tired of taking the tutorial!

Please help, thank you.

  • Joshua
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Hi Joshua,

What account are you using to log in? And what is your usual browser and operating system?

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My username is joshuagenubath.
I typically use either Firefox or Chrome on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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All right, well, according to your profile you passed the tutorial on March 5, 2013, and you’ve played 111 total cubes. The next time that you try to play Eyewire on a new machine, can you hit F12 to open your developer tools console, before you hit “Start Playing”? Then hit “Start Playing” and see if you get thrown into the tutorial, and let us know what messages display in the console. This doesn’t sound like any known bug, and you’re using a normal browser/OS configuration, but maybe the console will give an answer.

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I just started playing on a new machine. But I wasn’t taken into the tutorial this time (it doesn’t happen every time I switch machines). I had the console open when I clicked start, but didn’t see anything to report.

After the most recent time I finished the tutorial (a day or two ago), I was taken to 6 “Practice Cubes”, and I hadn’t finished those yet when I started playing from a different machine tonight (so I was taken to them again).

Anyways, I’ll try to remember to have the console open whenever I start playing from a new machine. The next time I’m taken into the tutorial I’ll post back here.

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Looks like you have not passed the lv2 tutorial, so what may be happening is you’re logging in, and system lands you in a relic (lv2) cell, which when you start playing gets you to lv2 tutorials. So you’ll need 90% on each cube of 6 to pass the 1st set and 80% on each to pass 2nd set. Getting less on any cube in either set gets you to 1st cube of each set.

So, you can either choose an artifact (lv1) cell from cell change under start playing in overview, or pass the lv2 tutorials and have access to a greater variety of cells to play. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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@Nseraf Well, he said these are the same cubes he recalls from the first tutorial, but @joshuagenubath when you click “Start Playing” take a look at whether the cell name includes the word “Artifact” (in which case it’s level 1 and there’s thus some glitch happening) or “Relic” (in which case it’s level 2 and you’re being taken into the second tutorial).

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Today, I was indeed on a Relic cell (Relic 9.20). I was probably mistaken about the tutorials being the same from the first time (they were teaching the same basic stuff, so I thought they were). Be that as it may, I have still had to take the tutorials (starting from the beginning) 3 or 4 times in the past month or two (when switching machines).

As I said previously, after the most recent tutorial completion, I was taken to a practice round (of 6 cubes). I finished all of those cubes last night, and even completed 1 (or 2?) cubes more (not labeled “practice”). However, today (using a different machine than last night), the cube I was taken to was “Practice 3 of 6.” It seems that even though by stats are up-to-date (reflecting the work I did last night), the fact that I completed that round of practice last night was somehow not carried over to my session today. (I do understand that there are probably differences between “Practice” and “Tutorial”, but the symptoms seem similar which is why I’m bringing them up.)

I did have the console open when I started the cell this time. No logs came up in the console, however I did take a look at the response from https://eyewire.org/1.0/task/assign?cell=78066. I noticed that the tutorial.sequence was at 3, and that tutorial.assist_max was at 6. These correspond to the practice cube (3 of 6) that I am on, so I am assuming that the server/db somehow wasn’t updated of my completion of this round of practice last night.

This is the full response from https://eyewire.org/1.0/task/assign?cell=78066, this was the only request that jumped out at me as being relevant:


Thank you for your help so far,

  • Joshua

Thanks for the info! This is very weird. Definitely the normal behavior should be that when you pass the tutorial in one session, this status should be linked to your account across all sessions. I’m pinging our developer to see what he might make of this.


So late last week, I played a different machine than before. My practice cube progress was still on 3 out of 6. This time, when I completed the practice cubes, I was shown a badge saying that I had unlocked level 2. Out of the recent times (in the past month) that I have completed the tutorials/practices, I have never received this notification. This makes me think that something that wasn’t successfully set/updated previously was successful this time.

Today, when I again played on a different machine (than the one I received the badge on), I played a Relic cell, and was not taken to a tutorial or practice cube. It is possible that the trouble I have had getting the tutorials to stay finished has ended. If this turns out not to be the case, I’ll post here again.

Thank you for all of your help.

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