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I have recently visited the EyeWire Wiki and I have realized is lacking translations to Spanish, my native language. So, I would like invite you to colaborate in order to increase the number of Spanish-speakers players.

Additionally, in my opinion, images need to be updated.

Thank you for reading.


Hey there!

Thanks so much for your generous offer! Before you get started, let me touch base with others at HQ about the wiki since some pages are out of date and it might be better for us to update them first (alongside images). Thanks again!


Thank you for answering. I am glad to read you. Waiting for news!


You’re welcome! It sounds like there are a couple of ways to go about this because some parts of the wiki are more controlled by people at Princeton, not here at HQ, so to get started: were you thinking of adding content for the Spanish wiki portal here? Or something else?


I was thinking to transtale Main Page, and the pages linked to it, as How to Play, Player Roles, etc.


Is there a way for users to edit the wiki?


Yes, edition is available if you have signed up at Eye Wiki. Main Page seems to be the only one protected.


All right, some of those pages definitely need to be updated, but we’ll make a plan here for taking care of that relatively soon, and when that’s done, how about we send you an e-mail?


It’s a good idea. My e-mail:

Thank you.

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I edited a lot, and the front page is able to be changed by anyone. If you’d like me to explain how I did it, just let me know. I think I edited so much, that I might’ve crashed the site. Sorry about that. Just trying to help.


I am a little confused, I don’t see any edit history for you on the main page.


Never mind, I found what you were editing.

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@devonjones how do the edits look? Is it ok to do it? I heard on this thread there may be a new edition. I felt I would write some stuff in in the meantime until the new edition rolls out if that’s alright.


I’ve asked folks at Princeton whether your edits were okay because a lot of them seemed to involve cell categorization and I’d prefer to have neuroscience eyes on that stuff. In the meantime, we’re not going to be rolling out a new version of the wiki, it’s just that some existing pages are out of date and we need to update them on our end. I would hold off for now on further editing in case something winds up proving redundant.

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@devonjones What did they say? That was a batch edit, as I just put them all in a category. My edit on the OneDrive page was helpful and the front pages look better. I pretty much finished the necessary stuff, although adding more neural disorders (I learn a lot from those) and info on cells would be cool. I’m not planning on doing anymore (I moved onto improving the Google Translate for Hawaiian, because I have a translation dictionary), but just hope I get to see more on these topics by Princeton :slight_smile:.


All right, I’ve heard back from some folks. The category edit was fine. We did delete the OneDrive pages because they were originally spam. We also had to roll back the changes on the Phantom Limb Syndrome page because it’s a student essay that needed to be preserved in its original form. Over the next couple weeks we will try to have some of the out of date pages brought up to speed so I would sit tight and not worry about anything else until then.

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Yay! My bad on the student essay. I thought they were just topics, like Wikipedia, until I realized after I edited that it wasn’t. Thanks for fixing, as I ran out of time and also stopped editing, as requested.

Cool, you’ll let us know what’s next. It would be kind of cool for more people to add in articles about neural conditions (maybe some other topic too) and how they relate to Eyewire’s research one day if possible though.