Tracing outside of lines? & I can't write in the Body is Required because it keeps zapping it. :0

Hey mstanley,

I took a look at that cube and it seems to be working fine for me. The whole tracing is the seed piece, there is nothing to add. Are you trying to add pieces that are attached to another branch or does this seed piece disappear on you?


So, there are pieces that don’t have anything to add? I took it that we were getting cubes that were for tracing, not admiring. :)…I’ve had several of those. I put some what I call patches on them because they were within the perimeters and done.

No I wasn’t trying to add pieces, and it didn’t disappear.

But while you are here, what is with the a Body is Required? Even when the Write Comment has a lighted toolbar, write something won’t post in any discussion category.

Sorry it took so long to get back, my Bandwidth went awry…like down to 147, The techie’s figured it out. We decided it was like looking for a short in a wiring harness…40 hours of checking, and 2 minutes to fix.

Hi mstanley,

Yep there are some pieces that have nothing to add!  Eyewire works by a system of artificial intellegence, in which the computer looks at each slice of neuron and makes a decision about whether or not it connects to the next slice.  This makes your job easier as a player, because you do not have to click on every single 2D slice to connect the segments.  The computer does the bulk of the work for you.  

However, the computer doesn’t always know where segments connect, and errs on the side of caution where it is not sure.  That is where you come in as a player.  You help guide it to the next correct segment.  What this also means is that sometimes (especially with smaller segments), the computer connects all the dots without your help.  That is why some cubes are already completed when you get them.

In terms of your formatting issues with the forums, I’m not sure why that is happening.  You could try using a different browser and see if that helps.  If the problem continues feel free to send us an email at