Toggle to inspect vision in review for all players?

With review having the bug that makes the colors not get removed from 2d, and having new traces be the same color as the correct one, wouldn’t it be very useful for everyone to be able to go to the normal vision to look at what the review told them from the normal coloring lenses?

Hi guygeva,

I think you are asking if review mode could have a toggle to show the seed piece and the regular trace colors in addition to the correct/missing/incorrect colors?


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Yes, sorry if I were unclear.
Inspect is simply the only name I know for this “color pallete”, and it was used for this for scouts / scythes, so I used it here.


that’d be nice i think.

i know you guys are a small group of ppl etc only 1-2 devs etc, so what I’ll suggest here I don’t have any “expectation” of “seeing” it developed tmrw lol, but i think these couple of things would improve review (if/when implemented in whatever form you guys chose to):

  1. scouts and scythes could use r in inspect like mystics i think as of yet they can’t?
  2. after-spawner review, ie after spawner has processed player’s validation there’s a menu/UI where player’s can see their last 60 cubes after that
  3. on that same menu/ui where players can be notufied and see cubes they played and were after reaped with perhaps extra colours of “you traced this” “seed” “and this was reaped in/out”
  4. in watch mode when someone is in review it’d help a lot if i could see the yellow/red etc, it’d help know what the player is talking abt, as is now i only see seed and trace colour(s).

i think those four would greatly improve review which is already a very nice thing to have :slight_smile:

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