Toggle Shift Button


I have been more active on Eyewire now that I am on vacations and was wondering how hard it could be to add a toggle for the shift button. Adding a toggle with a 500-1000ms delay would allow eyewirers to have a clearer idea of the boundaries of the target neuron without having to press the shift button like crazy.



Hi doctor,

that’s an interesting idea.  How often are you using that feature.  Personally, I don’t use it that much, but that could just be me…

I am using the shift key for each slice at least once. That has become some kind of natural reflex. Scroll, shift, scroll, shift and so on… :smiley:

But I am not sure, if a toggle will help me to get rid of this habit… I think I would stick with the manual toggle function.

You might want to record the UI-usage for each user to get a wider view on how the eyewire functions are used…

for me, when I want to follow a cell across multiple slices without the color obscuring the view, I can either hold shift and scroll (which most of the time lags and doesn’t give the fluent transition between slices I get when scrolling without shift held down) or set the paint opacity to 0 (time consuming for a quickly needed and temporary action). yes, a shift toggle would help me.

however, for the issue doctor and nkem are having, I think a more appropriate feature would be paint blinking. giving the user an option to turn paint blinking on and off, possibly with a keyboard shortcut, as well as set the interval on their own, would be a great addition IMO. (I too use shift at least once on a slice)

This isn’t a bad idea. We’ll add it to the todo list. :D