There is nothing in both 2D an 3D views


I’ve just started eyewire and there is nothing in both 3D and 2D views . I logged in from different PCs and nothing happened . I tested fire fox , safari , chrome and even IE and nothing happened again . Idk what should I do with this problem !
I prefer to play on mac .

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Hi Bapasha,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Eyewire. It sounds like you may not have WebGL enabled. Do you see a cell in overview before you hit start playing?

Also, are you trying to access Eyewire from a library or school? Some institutions have firewalls that unfortunately block access to Eyewire gameplay.

You can also email use at with your responses.


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Yes i checked my webGL and it is enabled .
I can see the cells in the overview .
I have the same problem even at home !


Are you using x64 ir 32 bit OS/browser? Because eyewire no longer supports 32 bit OS/browsers.


No it is 64 bit