There are no 2D layers (((

Hello! I decided to join the project today, and for a long time I couldn’t understand anything =) Then I watched the video and found that I didn’t have a picture on the side of the screen =( There are no such layers from the microscope, only a black background and an already traced part. So I have to go through learning by touch, focusing only on a 3D model… I did not find an answer or a similar problem anywhere, so I write here. Please help me how to fix this. (I use the latest version of Chrome)

Hi Lorely,

I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this bug. Unfortunately due to a recent Chrome update, there is an ongoing issue with the 2D image not loading properly. We are working to figure out a fix.

We suggest playing on Firefox until this issue is resolved.

On another note, welcome to Eyewire! If you have any other questions, let us know :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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Just wanted to post an update that the 2D image display bug should now be resolved and you can play Eyewire normally on Chrome as well as Firefox. Thank you for your patience!

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