The "oops, I messed up your SC" thread


I said I was gonna try and tag people when I reaped away their SCs for any reason. I don’t know of a better way to do this when people are offline.

@Nseraf #3223278 I somehow stashed a branch leading from this cube while reaping an adjacent cube. No idea how. Had to tinker with the overlap here to get it back where it belongs? (I think I also reaped out a small nub of a merger while I was at it)


If you’d like, you can write an entry in the cube itself, so ppl need to continuously check the forum. It helps for emergencies or to prevent making errors due to not knowing better. Personally, if I get pinged, if I am not checking the forums, I wouldn’t see it. Also, I’d have to go back-and-forth between the forums and here, which is inconvenient for me (especially if I go through many messages to get to mine). Hope this helps and gives an alternative.


SL was down last night at the very least, and some people hardly check SL entries if it isn’t a scout.


that’s strange, didn’t know (wasn’t down for me). I always use the cell entries button to check the work of others before me. If it has a # next to it, then I know something is up.