Thank you for the great galactic voyage


It’s a dream come true: learn about the bigger world (universe) and traveling around it sequentially, while delving into the smaller world (neurons) and traveling around it sequentially too (with the badges). So doubly awesome!


Thank you for the kind words! As an amateur astronomer this topic is a passion of mine and I was thrilled to come up with this theme and narrative. :smiley: We’re so glad you’re enjoying it! And I’d like to tip my hat to our illustrator Daniela for some amazing work she was able to do with NASA’s public domain images.


:slight_smile: I help out sometimes. I guess I’m a citizen astronomer?

Can I ask you a question? What would you think about an Eyewire journey of exoplanets? Like learning about different ones and voyage to each, based on distance from us?


I think it will be a bit before we return to the astronomy theme, just to keep some variety, but if we do another one eventually I imagine some exoplanet facts might be included. :slightly_smiling_face: The Planetary Society is cool btw!


If i understand you correctly you are not talking about a normal competition since it should be based on distance from us, but more like a badge system where we get a new planet when reaching a distance of x lightyear. If so it sounds like a interesting idea for Neo, perhaps in the far future it is some sort of living cells that make fuel for spaceship. But by some accident our supply got mixed together and merged. So to travel we will need to sort out the different cells and place them in their proper container. Each cell we manage to sort out will get us a bit longer on our journey trough the galaxy. Could even trow in some inhabited planets where we get new technology just for the story.


@devonjones thanks. Far into the future would be fine.
@annkri it could be like that (that’s pretty awesome too). For this, I was just thinking it would be like the Great Galactic Voyage, except exoplanet themed, Like Great Planetary Discovery or something.