Teams or alliances between players

I think that this game could use some more social interaction between players. One effective way I have thought to do this is to create teams or alliances between the players. Various players could create and join a team and then all their points could be shown combined against other teams. It would create a mini competition between all the various teams of the game. If more people get involved on the social side of the game, they will be more likely to stick around and play more, which in turn helps out science. Let me know what you all think, and if you have any related ideas.

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That’s what they announced they are working on the past hangout! It’s definitely in the works! They were thinking of making the facebook group “IFLScience” compete with Reddit.
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And then we’d let each team try to recruit more members from among the people who heard about EyeWire from a different source!  Which team would you guys join?

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Yeah, we’d like to do this as a sort of trial run for more extensive team support in the future…  Any ideas on what that would include are appreciated.

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Have there been any updates on this? Certainly would be a neat way to get more activity through competition.

Members part of a team could have their team name next to their user name under the profile section in parentheses, or on a separate line just above their join dates, with the options relevant to team joining/formation either under the settings menu, or in a dedicated team menu.

Individual team pages can be generated, containing the stats of all relevant members in regards to points, accuracy, badges, etc, as well as the combined stats of the team, such as total points of members, average accuracy, team badges, along with future predictions of stats. For anyone who has used Folding@Home and seen the stats generated by Extreme Overclocking, that’s a perfect example of some of the features that can be implemented.

If you want to go even further with teams, team admins could be allowed to customize features on the team page, such as a team logo and description, and displaying said logo somewhere on the user’s profile.

(also, I’m aware that this is several years old, so pardon the ancient bump)


Yeah, there’s something like that in the works,